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Is It Safe to Eat Urban Squirrels?

Is It Safe to Eat Urban Squirrels

There are many people who are fond of eating different types of meat but they generally have delimited that it is safe to eat squirrels or not. Though many restaurants and hotels in the USA serve the meat of squirrels as cuisine with different dishes made up from the meat of squirrels. There are several myths about eating the meat of squirrels due to which people do not easily go for the dishes made up from them.

They constantly think about whether it is safe to eat squirrels or not but generally, it is safe to eat squirrels’ meat but with some of the precautions needed to be followed and there are various characteristics which people are unaware about the squirrel’s meat due to myths.

Let’s find the truth with facts about the question that is it safe to eat squirrels or not, So:

1. When Not to Eat Squirrels

When Not to Eat Squirrels

There are millions of grey squirrels found in the USA which are hunted for their meat and also to control their population. So, there is a proper time to hunt the squirrels as the squirrels are animals with fluffy hairs and they were attacked by pests and ticks in summer. The best time to hunt the squirrels for their meat is in the winter when they are not attacked by rocks and pests and are safe to eat. The squirrel with pests in their fur and body can cause serious health issues for the ones who eat them.

2. Sweet Taste of Squirrel’s Meat

Sweet Taste of Squirrel’s Meat

The Taste of the squirrel’s meat is like a mixture of the taste of rabbit’s meat and chicken meat. But the meat of the squirrel is generally sweeter in taste as compared to the meat of the rabbits and the chicken. The reason behind their sweetness in meat can be the nuts which they eat all day long. Also, meat contains vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and is a good source of iron. The sweet taste of their meat makes them taste different from many other animals’ meat and many people eat them due to their sweet taste.

3. How to Prepare Squirrel Meat

How to Prepare Squirrel Meat

The preparation of squirrel’s meat is very different from normal meat’s preparation. As squirrels do not have much meat and there is only one way to cook squirrel’s meat is slow cooking. The meat of squirrels is a bit harder than other meats and they are hard to cook. It is generally cooled at low temperature for several hours which helps to take out more meat and helps to cook them easily. One of the important precautions is that one should never cook or include the head, skull, or brain of a squirrel while cooking. It’s not good for your health.

4. Side Effect of Excessive Squirrel Meat

Side Effect of Excessive Squirrel Meat

There are several effects that can harm the human when they excessively eat the squirrel meat, some of the bad effects turn up as syndromes and brain disorders. But these are also very rare and not exactly cause due to only squirrel’s meat but also many reasons that contribute towards the disorder, though some precautions should always be taken while eating the squirrel’s meat and one of them is never to eat their brains part and do not hunt squirrels which were infected with pests and ticks. Rather than these things, it’s safe to eat squirrels.


The conclusion of the question or the delimit or confusion that is it safe to eat squirrels can be concluded that it is totally safe to eat squirrel’s meat but there are several precautions that one needs to take while eating the meat of squirrels as if not taken it can cause some serious health issues like brain disorder, short term memory loss, etc.

But all these things are very delicious and one can consume the squirrel’s meat without any hesitation. Also, many restaurants and hotels are serving it as a whole cuisine so it is totally safe to eat for humans.


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