Laser Hair Removal: Benefits, Side Effects and Cost


Do you have constant hair growth, do you have to shave almost every day, do you want an effective treatment? Laser hair removal will suit you. This is a method that involves removing unsightly and unwanted hair in areas of the body using a concentrated light.

How does it work? The melanin in the hair follicles, also known as the pigment, receives this concentrated light. This heat eradicates the hair and also slows down its growth. This technique is ideal to replace other techniques such as waxing, shaving, electric epilator or tweezers. If you want to undergo this treatment, it is best that before that you read the following article.

Benefits of laser hair removal

Currently, this cosmetic process is one of the most preferred by people in the various spas in Manhattan because of its advantages. They opt for this alternative when they need to party, during the summer or just to look nice on a daily basis. The laser hair removal benefits are:

Guaranteed protection

It is a procedure that guarantees the protection of your skin because it only deals with the hair follicles. Likewise, you will not feel discomfort or discomfort that you cannot bear while receiving the treatment. It uses advanced technology and innovative tools.


There are aesthetic medicine techniques that require a long time and even many hours. However, in this case, the speed and immediacy of each session stands out. The shot or pulse of a laser lasts less than a second, while it is capable of working several hairs instantly.

The estimated time will vary depending on the area you wish to treat. Some take less time such as the underarm area which will take approximately 15 minutes. Others need more than that, for example the legs may require a little over an hour.

Hair reduction

You will say goodbye to unpleasant hairs for months or years because it decreases their appearance. Depending on the condition of the person, they may not even grow permanently. You may see a reduction in the first few sessions and positive effects after four to six applications.

Various areas

This aesthetic method gives you the advantage that it allows you to improve various areas of the skin. The areas that are most in demand today are the armpits and legs. The chin, chin, upper lip or bikini area are also popular among users.

Ideal for all skin types

Do you have oily, combination or dry skin? Or do you suffer from sensitivity? It doesn’t matter, the procedure works in any situation. Laser hair removal works for you regardless of your skin type, as long as it’s healthy of course.

Works for different conditions

It can even work for a variety of skin-related conditions or due to overuse of hair removal tools. Among them are folliculitis (hair follicles swollen by microbes) or ingrown hairs -unpleasant appearance of hairs that were previously removed-. It is also useful in patients with hirsutism, i.e. abundant hair growth.

Increase of collagen

Another benefit of this technique is that it increases collagen levels. Why does this happen? Because hair removal with this system causes the skin to become elastic. This causes an increase in that specific protein. You will then gain a stable, healthy or less aging epidermis and dermis.

Affordable method

One of the questions you might have is how much laser hair removal costs. You will be concerned about the prices, but one benefit of this treatment is that it is affordable. It’s not that expensive when you compare it to other similar processes. You will avoid shaving or shaving often, which is a savings to your pocket.


By not having excess hair, you will get more cleanliness in the various areas of your body. This makes it easier to groom, wash and maintain the various areas. It gives you proper hygiene, which means you are less likely to fall victim to bacteria.

Lightens stains

Sometimes you may have stains on certain parts of your body. This procedure offers you the advantage of lightening those dark areas. Additionally, it gives the skin a good texture and is ideal for those who are looking for optimal aesthetics.

How to prepare for Laser Hair Removal?

When you decide to undergo this process it is essential that you take some precautions. Prepare yourself adequately because success and results depend on it. We recommend that you consult with a specialist in the subject of all the doubts about it, and also perform it in a certified aesthetic center.

It is also advisable to have a general medical examination to make sure you do not suffer from any condition. Tell the expert any pathology you have and the treatments you had previously. Once you are given the date for the first session, we suggest you not to shave or shave with another device. Avoid doing it a few weeks before the process.

It is advisable that you take other precautions, among them: Do not expose yourself to ultraviolet rays, use unauthorized creams, use razor blades. If you are looking for a good laser hair removal service, we invite you to check Nicelocal where you will find this and other related businesses.

What to expect during laser hair removal?

It’s not as complex a procedure as you might imagine. Although it is safe and you won’t feel discomfort, you will feel pin pricks during each session. This is because the laser shots or pulses cause mild stinging. You will probably be given an anesthetic minutes before the treatment.

During the treatment both the specialist and you have to use safety implements, so you will tolerate the heat. The use of gloves, goggles and towels is feasible. The expert will then apply a gel or cream to cool the area. This also makes it easier for the hair follicles to absorb the light. Then the laser application will begin carefully and calmly.

At the end he will apply a cream that is ideal for moisturizing the area. You will feel some itching, but after a while the discomfort will go away. It is essential to receive several sessions in order to get results. These are done between one month to two months. The positive effects vary according to the area and the hormonal level of the patient.

Recovery and risks

As we indicated you may have an itching and burning sensation on the skin. This impression is similar to when you go to the beach, get a tan or suffer a minor burn from cooking. Relieve this symptom with ice, moisturizing lotions, and repairing gel. Keep in mind that this is part of the recovery.

There are few risks that you will have when receiving this treatment. Don’t rule out blisters, redness or swelling. Although be alert because these signs are usually very slight. If you have any contraindications, do not hesitate to contact the medical center or specialist.

Costs of Laser Hair Removal

The upper lip laser hair removal cost and other areas are very diverse. According to a Forbes publication the price range of such techniques is from $100 to $800. You can find amounts within these estimates depending on the area. It also varies by elements such as:

  • Location, city, place where the person is.
  • Site where the treatment is performed.
  • Number of sessions.
  • Size of the area to be treated.
  • Number of areas to be treated.
  • Trajectory of the person performing the method.
  • Larger areas have a higher cost. Smaller areas have a lower price.
  • Previous consultation.
  • Work tools and creams.
  • Packages, promotions, offers.
  • Season, time of year or season.
  • Technology or type of laser.

This technology is practically an aesthetic, medical, hygienic and beauty investment on your skin. If you have questions like “where to get a depilacion laser near me?”, we have the solution. Check out different Manhattan laser spa on Nicelocal to find the right facility.

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