I just think these wall unit cubby’s look so nice. You can use them in so many different ways. I want to show you a couple different examples.
Wall Unit in a PlayRoom at Jamie’s House
This is a wall unit in my husbands niece’s house. She has five children of her own and babysits several others while most of hers are at school.

cubby wall unitShe has all the little toys stored in the canvas bins. I am pretty sure she told me the units were not from Ikea. There are two of the cubby units on either side of a tall book shelf. But it works great for her space and needs.
Wall Unit in a Spare Bedroom for Crafts at Barb’s House

I had one of my readers send this picture to me several weeks ago. Barb has the Ikea Expedit in her spare bedroom. It is the 4×4 size with the 2×4 extension on it she said. She has used several of the drawer units and it works great for her crafts.

Barb – spare bedroom
Organizing in an Office At Sandy’s House

Most of you have seen the Ikea Expedit unit I recently bought and put up in my office. (I know… you’ve seen it a bunch.. but I’m just going to show what I did with a few of the cubby units)

I already had the hot pink and lime green theme going in my office. For right now I’m sticking with it, until another color combination hits me. I did purchase 3 of the Ikea clear drawers. They are really a light purple and after configuring them several different ways, I settled on them doing down the center.
ikea drawerI use my canvas cubby’s along the bottom. I have my books across the top shelf. I have them organized by category

booksI have my organizing books in three of the cubby’s. I then have some books on blogging and photography in another section.

I’m personally not a fan of laying some of the books horizontally and some vertically. To me that looks messy. I know it is a “style” and many love it, and that is fine. But I find it hard to access the books when you have to pull them out from other each other. I also feel like it takes up more space as my big above ground pool takes in garden.

The one thing I like about the size of these cubbys is that they are taller than the ones I have from Target. My taller books can fit just fine in here.

I also purchased the 4 way divider unit for the cubby from Ikea along with best zero turn mower for my big lawn. It was how I was able to make the smaller units by my chair for the little baskets and my bill area.

Then of course I have my “drink” area for my water or coffee. Since I am sitting right there in my recliner working, I wanted some place to put my water.

Do you have any Wall Units in your home that help you out? I would love for you to show and tell!!