Our Top Bathroom Floor Tile Trends of 2023

Our Top Bathroom Floor Tile Trends of 2023

Whether it’s a new build, major renovation or a small update, choosing tiles is an important moment in any project. The tiles you choose can have a serious impact on your final design, with options like classic marble or patterned tiles Brisbane serving as the perfect canvas for your aesthetic. If you’re in need of some ideas for your next project then we’ve put together a list with 9 of our favourite tile trends for 2023 and how they can transform your home.

1. Patterns, Patterns, Patterns

Patterned tiles have quickly taken over as one of the most popular design trends in 2023. Most types of patterned tiles are printed with special designs (like geometric shapes) that tessellate with the tiles around them. They’re perfect as splashbacks or tiles for a feature wall, but larger format patterned tiles are also great on floors. If you’re searching for a striking design trend that will hold up for decades, patterned tiles could be the right choice!

2. Opt for the Opulence of Marble

It’s a bathroom, but that doesn’t mean it has to be an afterthought! More and more we’re seeing designers shift their focus to these small spaces and turning them into luxurious retreats. If you want to add that touch of opulence to your ensuite or main bathroom, it’s hard to go past marble. But wait! Natural marble is porous and isn’t always the best choice for wet areas, and that’s where marble-look tiles come in.

Marble look tiles are printed to mimic the real thing. They feature lots of depth and texture, and they’re the perfect way to add luxury to a bathroom.

3. Make it Stand Out With Geometry

Patterns aren’t for everybody. If you want tiles that are detailed but with more structure, geometric floor tiles are a great alternative! Geometric tiles aren’t printed. Instead, they’re made up of odd shapes (like diamonds) that are laid in a particular pattern. The trend this year is towards small format geometric tiles. These add amazing texture and variation without overwhelming the rest of your design.

4. Go Bold With Pastels

One of the best design trends of recent years is the shift away from boring bathrooms. It doesn’t have to be all-white tiles all the time anymore! These days designers are working more and more colours into their aesthetic, and block colour pastels are a very popular option.

Pastel tiles are available in a huge range of colours, and they’re great for everything from feature walls to full-monochrome bathrooms. Pink, blue and green are popular and stunning options, but don’t be afraid to try options like yellow, purple or red.

5. The Texture of Travertine

Travertine tiles have been one of the world’s favourite surfaces for decades. They’re full of classical style, texture and depth, making them the perfect canvas for any design you have in mind. Travertine looks especially good when it’s paired with things like herringbone wall tiles and chrome tapware, but the neutral tones are easy to match to any design you have in mind.

6. Go for a Striking Monochrome

If you’re looking to design that magazine-ready bathroom you’ve been dreaming of, going for monochrome styling is the best way to make it happen. Bathrooms are the perfect space to opt for monochrome design. The texture and variation that comes with tiles means you can deck your entire bathroom in a single colour without making the room seem boring.

If you want to keep things timeless then opting for a grey or white monochrome is a safe option. These types of tiles look amazing when paired with chrome hardware and indoor greenery, and you can rest assured that the colour will never go out of style. If you want to go bolder then don’t be afraid to mix some colour in! Monochrome pastels are stunning, but things like rich emerald and striking sapphire are also popular options in the design world.

7. Take the Floor Tiles Up the Wall

It’s common to choose different floor and wall tiles to add some personality and flair to your bathroom. But if you really want to make the design stand out, it’s time to think outside the box! Don’t be afraid to blur the lines when it comes to floor and wall tiles. Both kinds of tile can be used on any surface, so doing things like continuing your floor tiles up along a wall can really tie your design together.

8. Go Industrial with Concrete Look Tiles

Industrial styles never seem to go out of fashion, and these days we’re in love with concrete look tiles Brisbane. Concrete isn’t nature’s friendliest material, but it looks fantastic when paired with things like natural timber, indoor plants and shiny tapware. The best part about concrete look tiles is that they’re made of porcelain. That means they’re perfectly safe to use in wet areas and that they won’t stain like natural concrete would!

Noah Eastwood
Noah Eastwood has been a part of various flooring design projects and has a rich history of over 15 years in the industry. After graduating with a degree in Interior Design from the Pratt Institute, he quickly gained recognition for his innovative use of sustainable materials. Since joining our team as a freelancer in 2019, Noah has become a go-to expert for eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing flooring solutions. When not working, he dedicates time to writing articles on emerging trends in floor design and enjoys woodworking, creating custom pieces for local clients.

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