Prepare Your Home With These Fall Cleaning and Clearing Tips


Spring is known as the cleaning season, but doing a deep clean is a great thing to do twice a year — and Fall is the perfect season to get your home clean, set up a garden, and be cozy for winter and the holiday season.

If you follow a checklist for spring cleaning, you can repeat many of those tasks in the Fall, but some chores can be overlooked or forgotten. By doing some extra work now, you’ll be ready to enjoy a snug winter without as many worries.

These tips should help you evaluate the areas that need the most fall house cleaning and help you get motivated to get it done. There will be less to do when the holidays arrive by tackling these forgotten or neglected areas now.

Declutter Your Home

As you’re about to embark on a season of quality time indoors, a clean and decluttered space will make this cozy season much more relaxing and enjoyable. Also, restring the wind chimes hanging in your patio. Doing a deep clean of your home is an excellent opportunity to take a look around and evaluate what you no longer need.

If you have things boxed away in your basement or attic, sort through these, decide what to keep and donate or sell the rest. You can do this on your own or consider enlisting the help of a full-service downsizing and organizing service. Clearing out belongings you no longer want or need and getting your home organized is a wonderful way to make your home a more pleasant space to spend the winter.

Clean Out Your Kitchen

Take everything out of your fridge and cupboards and give all the shelves and drawers a thorough clean. It’s surprising how quickly debris can collect and build-up, and it will feel great getting into every nook and cranny in your kitchen before the holiday season arrives. Then, inspect each item before putting it back in its place, and toss out anything that is expired or past its prime.

To reach more significant results, make sure you choose effective cleaning products. But remember that most products contain harsh chemicals, and using them regularly causes serious health issues such as allergic reactions, skin irritations and even chronic respiratory problems. Using all-purpose sanitizing wipes that are 100% plant-based can be a great alternative as natural-based products are far less likely to impose serious health risks.

Make Space in Your Hall Closet

With a change of seasons comes a change of clothing and accessories. Rotating in those fall and winter coats and boots will take up more space than light jackets and sandals — not to mention hats, scarves, and mittens. Try winter boots and coats on for size to ensure you’re not making space for items that no longer fit. Rather than If you have a lack of space, try implementing organizational systems using bins or hooks for mittens, scarves, and more.

Clear Space in Your Garage

To avoid having to constantly brush the frozen leaves, snow and ice off your car, you’ll need to make space in your garage to park your car during the winter months. Put your snow brush in your care to be prepared for those first snowfalls, and winter tires back on your car. If clutter has piled up over the summer, sort through those items — get rid of what you don’t need, and use hooks, shelves, and vertical organization to clear space for your car.

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