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Where Can I Buy a Snow Blower?


So you’ve decided to buy a snow blower. You’ve chosen to finally toss your shovel aside, and save yourself from the aches and pains and time spent pushing snow off your driveway. Leaf guard or leaf filter is of no use once the winter knocks in.

But now you’ve got more decisions to make, one of the most important of which is figuring out where you’re going to buy your brand-new snow blower.

Well, you’ve got a few options and each has its own unique benefit. Here’s a look at what you need to know about where to buy a snow blower.


Shopping online has never been more popular, and with good reason. Online shopping services are accessible for everyone with an internet connection, offer a wide variety of products from cosmetics to garden supplies, are relatively easy to use and the number of online retailers available to choose from is constantly growing.

If you’re inclined toward the online shopping experience and looking to buy a snow blower from the comfort of your own home, you have plenty of retail options and product variety available at your fingertips. Snow blowers can be purchased online through some manufacturers such as Troy-Bilt, most big-box stores, some local dealers, popular online retailers like Amazon, or online classifieds such as Facebook marketplace, Kijiji and craigslist, which come with more risk but can offer good deals on used machines.

The convenience of shopping for a snow blower online is obvious: you can buy the perfect machine for you without getting out of your chair, there are no lineups to deal with when checking out, there’s generally a great deal of choice and if the snow blower you want isn’t available you can check a different website or shop again later without having wasted a significant amount of time. Check the delivery and pickup options before finalizing your order from an online retailer to be sure they work for you.

As a prospective buyer, you can also rely on the reviews written by fellow customers of a snow blower you’re interested in to find out how it has performed in real-world situations and if the machine operates the way you’ll need it to.


Peace of mind is one of the most important factors when buying a snow blower. The opportunity to see the machine in person and know it has the features and specifications you need before making the final purchase can make all the difference, and that’s the experience you get at a big-box store.

These large retail stores can make shopping for a snow blower in-person relatively trouble-free. The machines are easy to find, the employees are generally well-informed about the products and helpful during the purchasing process and, most importantly, you know you’re getting the exact machine you’re looking for when you see the snow blower for yourself.

Additionally, big-box stores carry a wide variety of snow blower models and brands often with attractive deals. These retailers may offer warranties on top of what’s provided by the manufacturer, and often can deliver the machine right to your home, if necessary.

The satisfaction of knowing the snow blower you bought is the perfect one to fit your needs and that there will be no surprises is enough to make the trip to a big-box store worth the effort.


Local snow blower dealers offer many of the same benefits as shopping at a big-box store, but for some prospective snow blower owners the personal touch and specialized service of these locally owned or family-run stores is the determining factor when buying.

Often part of smaller communities, local snow blower dealers give buyers the chance to see (and maybe even test out) the machine before they make a purchase. They have the proper know-how to answer the important questions many of us need addressed before making a substantial purchase like a snow blower. Additionally, local dealers can provide the kind of personal, trustworthy customer service that often continues long after the snow blower has been bought.

As official sellers of snow blower manufacturers, local dealers can also offer certain machines, deals and services that aren’t available elsewhere. This is particularly true of high-end machines intended for professionals, which are less likely to be stocked by big-box retailers.

The familiarity and comfort that comes with buying a snow blower from a local dealer, coupled with return visits for regular maintenance and other needs, is the kind of service that’s hard to pass up.

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Lauren Miller, who holds a degree in Consumer Sciences from Colorado State University, has been an authoritative voice in product analysis and consumer advice for over 15 years. Joining our team in 2020, Lauren elevated our buying guides with meticulous research and practical insights. She specializes in crafting detailed buying guides and reviews. Previously, she worked in product development and consumer advocacy. Lauren is a gourmet cook and a passionate advocate for sustainable living.

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