Pula, the largest city of the Istrian peninsula


The unforgettable fun for your eyes, ears and taste buds can easily be found in Istria, the biggest Croatian peninsula, and its largest city, the city of Pula!

Oh, and don’t worry, if you’re already somewhere else on the Adriatic, you can get here in just a few hours by taking a boat from Zadar, a town just a few miles from the biggest Dalmatian city, Split!

Whether you’ve decided to stop just for a meal or you’re spending all your vacation days here, you’ll leave with your mind blown away by the beauty and the richness of content you can find here. Leave your things at your beautiful vacation villa and let the adventure begins!

Take a walk around Pula – don’t miss a thing!

For more than 2000 years, Roman ruins and other history witnesses are standing proudly around the city.

The Arena, a famous Roman-style amphitheatre, is the most recognizable symbol you’ll find on almost every Pula’s postcard and picture. It is one of the six best and biggest-surviving Roman arenas in the world! You can pick up designs to renovate your home or build an enclosed patio later.

Except for the fact it is listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, it is a real cultural centre for this area. The host for almost every event, from concerts to film festivals, the amphitheatre is the place you can’t bypass even if you try.

This is why staying anywhere in Croatia should lead you to Pula, even just for one day!

Kaštel, the city’s viewpoint, is located on the hill in the city centre. Defending the city and the harbour in the past, the viewpoint is a perfect getaway for your family and friends, to escape just for a minute from the crowd.

It was built in the 17th century by the Venetians and today you can find here the Historical Museum of Istria.

Forum, the main square, or simply a perfect gathering spot is a place where all tourists and locals come together. Right on the square, you can find the Temple of Augustus, dedicated to the first Roman emperor.

Pula Aquarium, the only zoo-style place in Pula, created a mind-blowing tour, both for kids and adults! The home for hundreds of fish species of the Adriatic but also from Croatian lakes and rivers, the Aquarium can easily be found in Verudela, 130 years old fort.

Carpe diem! Sunny beaches in Pula

After a long day of walking, pack your bags and head out to the beach! Even though, according to some, the most beautiful beaches are on Dalmatian islands such as Hvar, trust us – Pula will not let you down!

Ambrela, Histria and Havajka are beaches just in the neighbourhood if you’re visiting the Aquarium – they adorn the Verudela. With bars, restaurants and other fun tourist content, you’ll forget about your problems and make yourself, your family and your friends very, very happy.

For those wanting to hide under the pine trees, Gortanova Uvala beach is one of the most beautiful ones in this city!

To refuel and recharge the batteries, make sure you don’t miss the chance to take your taste buds on an adventure – try the local specialities, such as fuži with truffles or maneštra stew in Oasi, Batelina or TiVoli restaurant (or some other).

Finally, get ready to explore even more – travel to Venice or Brijuni by boat, or visit the world’s smallest town, Hum!

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