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Self-Employment Opportunities for Self-Driven People


Are you the kind of person who takes action instead of waiting to be told what to do? Would you rather be out and about when making a living rather than cooped up in a cubicle? Being your own boss sounds appealing, whereas chasing after promotions makes you sick?

If so, then self-employment might be the right fit for your future. With that said, going into business for yourself is a significant decision, one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. What’s more, self-employment requires self-drive and an innate desire to do your own thing. Those who perform best in subordinate roles where they take orders from others are unlikely to succeed as self-employed individuals.

Ultimately, the decision to become self-employed is yours to make. All we can do is provide some recommendations regarding the best self-employment opportunities for those with the drive to seek out success on their own terms:

Hair Stylist

Many people incorrectly assume their hair stylists work for the hair salon. The truth is most of them are merely renting a station within the salon and work for themselves. Others choose to offer their services in-home or at the homes of their clients. In virtually every instance, stylists get to be relatively independent and rely on their skills and expertise to drive their success. Make sure to check your state laws regarding licensing and certification before getting started.

Massage Therapist

The health and wellness benefits of massage therapy have led to an ever-increasing demand for massage therapists. Otherwise known as a masseuse, these individuals are trained and licensed to practice massage therapy. While many massage therapists find work in high-end hotels, health spas, and wellness centers, others are successfully self-employed. A portable massage table, oils kit, and other essential accessories and supplies are all that’s needed (besides the expertise and certifications, of course.)


Are you good with tools and can write review about craftsman snow blower or any other tools and know your way around a home improvement store without asking for help? If so, becoming a self-employed handyman (or handywoman) could be your life’s calling. There’s always a demand for the skills and expertise of handyman-type independent contractors, especially in cities with older buildings in constant need of maintenance and renovations.

Industry Consultant

Have you spent decades in a particular career or profession and acquired an intimate understanding of an industry as a result? If so, consider using your experience and insights to become an independent business consultant. While it’s difficult to get yourself established as a trustworthy and effective advisor, working as a consultant can be a lucrative prospect.


Those with teaching experience or knowledge of a particular subject matter should consider becoming private tutors. Job prospects include full-time instruction in a home school setting or part-time gigs after school. In the modern era, tutoring jobs extend into cyberspace, with many folks able to hold lessons over video chat.


While earning a law degree and passing the bar exam takes years of hard work, countless hours of study, and thousands of dollars of tuition, the professional freedom of becoming a practicing attorney is worth the effort and investment. However, a passion for the law and a commitment to the justice system are essential for seeing success as a self-employed lawyer.

Certified Public Accountant

Those with a natural gift for number crunching and advanced mathematics are primed to become financial professionals. One of the most practical career options – from a self-employment perspective – is becoming a certified public accountant or CPA for short. Your client list can include individuals, businesses, or a mix of both. You can work at home, rent office space, or even do everything online.

Those with an independent streak within them and an innate desire to grab life by the horns are the types of people who see the most success in self-employed ventures. Regardless of the profession you pursue, it’s essential to provide exceptional service and honest pricing. You can be a DIYer and can make something like diy tower garden as this is in trend nowadays. Do that, and your self-drive will ultimately lead to self-employed prosperity.

Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown, an MBA graduate from Columbia University, New York, has been a fixture in the business world for over 20 years. His expertise in strategic management has been a cornerstone of our content since he joined in 2016. Previously, Andrew held executive roles in several Fortune 500 companies, where he led transformative business initiatives. His years of experience in corporate leadership and consulting bring a wealth of knowledge to our readers. Outside of work, he mentors young entrepreneurs and enjoys playing chess.

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