Sno Tek SnowBlower Review – Should You Buy It?

Sno Tek Sno Blower Reviews

Sno Tek Snowblower is a robust snow removal machine that helps you a lot in the winter season.

If you are looking for something that can quickly clear your driveway and walkway, then you can consider this machine.

Snowblowers are the best choice if you live in a remote area that received a fair amount of frozen precipitation.

Sno Tek is a product of the Ariens Company who is making Snowblower since the 1960s. You can blindly trust their product in terms of quality and performance.

In this post, we are going to give an in-depth review of their Sno Tek Snowblower. 

All about Ariens Company

Sno Tek Sno Blower

The Ariens Company start in 1933 in a backyard garage with its first product, a rototiller. The brand becomes famous and recognized worldwide in 1945 due to their help with the WWII war effort.

They launched their first Snowblower in 1960. Since then, they are a well-known brand for making Snowblower.

Ariens products are well designed for every consumer. They made various products for the consumer, but their snow blowers are considered the most selling product. The Sno-Tek Model is the most powerful of all of them.

Features and Benefits of a Sno Tek Blower:

Here are all of the basic specifications of the SNO TEK Blower. We described all of the features and benefits of the Blower, which give a simple rundown of the feature to decide whether it is worth the price and a good option for you

Two-Stage Design

The Sno Tek blower is a two-stage blower, which uses two augers to remove heavy snow and ice. The two-stage designs are widely used for making powerful and effective Sno blowers.

A gas-powered engine runs it to provide enough power to turn both augers effectively. The Engine is powerful enough to toss snow and ice up to 40 feet away.

The Sno Tek Snowblower outer body is made from top-load aluminum material to prevent rust and keep the blowers easier to Maintain.

The inner material is made from alloy steel that is highly durable and long-lasting with proper synthetic gear oil.

208CC Sno Tek Engine By Liquid Combustion Technology:


208CC Sno Tek engine is specially designed for Arends, and it is designed by Liquid Combustion Technology for outdoor equipment power.

The Engine is a four-cycle OHV model and builds with high-quality specifications to provide high performance in any condition, such as winter, where other engines could not perform well. It comes with air-cooled technology to prevent overheating of the engines.

The Engine is also known as “Snow Force” because it can work in the harshest winter conditions without any power-loss.

120 Volt Electric Start

It comes with a 120 Volt Electric start to provide a simple push start power to help get you to work without worrying about pulling the cord over and over. Just press the button and do the ice removal.

For charging, you must plug the Blower into an electric outlet. When not in use, it will be ready to use after a complete charging.

Freeze Resistant 12 Inch, Blade Impeller:

The Impeller blade of the Blower is the essential part of the machine. Sno Tek blower has 3 of them, which help the Blower to throw snow faster.

The blades are made from high-quality steel alloy and freeze-resistant material, which prevents the impeller from freezing and jamming the machine.

Serrated Steel Auger

Serrated Steel Auger

The initial auger is the one that runs the length of the blower housing. The augers are responsible for chopping into the snow to help drive the machine forward. After that, the snow moves through the machine to be taken up by the impeller.

The Augers is made from Steel, which is tough, durable, and doesn’t get rust or ware quickly, and the serrated edges help break down chewy ice chunks.

8 Gear Speed Option W/Interlocking Control Levers

8 Gear Speed Option W/Interlocking Control Levers

The Blower comes with six forward gears and two reverse gears with smooth transition and driver by a Disc-O-Matic drive system to provide smooth gear shifting and easy controls.

A driver train helps you drive the Blower in through deep, heavy snow with minimal effort and help run backward if the machine is stuck in the ice.

The Blower comes with interlocking control levers that allow you to steer the Blower by just using your one hand. You can use your other hand to change the gear or adjust the Chute without having to pause in your work.

205 Degree Rotation Chute

205 Degree Rotation Chute

The Chute is used for tossing the snow cuts by the augurs. Sno Tek has a 205-degree rotation chute, and it can be adjusted to toss the snow 3 feet to 40 feet, and it can be moved to ensure that you will get the snow where you want it.

This helps you to avoid blowing snow where you do not want to toss the snow, or you can pile up all the snow in one place. The Chute is easy to move and can be controlled from a handle with a lever’s simple turn. You don’t have to move the Chute manually.

24″ Wide X 20″ High, All-Steel Housing:

The front housing of the Snowblower is responsible for capturing the snow. Sno Tek snowblower has a robust 2-foot-wide and 20-inch high housing.

It is plenty large enough to handle heavy snowbanks and can clear both walkways and driveways in a minimum of passes.

The given steel hosing size is a popular size for residential homeowners for clearing medium to heavy snowfall for parking and walking areas.

It is specially designed for capturing snow the gives clearance to gravel driveways avoid picking up rocks or dirt while clearing the snow.

13″ X 4″ Polar Trac Tires

13" X 4" Polar Trac Tires

it has 13”X4” Polar Trac Tires to provide maximum traction in slick conditions. The aggressive treads provide maximum grip in the snow to help drive your Snowblower forward.

The tires are pneumatic, and they can be air up very quickly if the condition arises. Tires are made from high-quality material and get you through the toughest of winter storms.


All the Sno Tek Snowblower come with full two years manufacturer warranty. The warranty start from the day when you purchase the Snowblower. Make sure to ensure that the product is free from any defects before buying the machine.

If you face any problem with your machine, then make sure to call the authorized dealer for any service. The dealer can either repair or replace the defective part.

The Sno Tak blowers Engine comes with its warranty, and it is serviced through the engine manufacturer.

A blower is a perfect machine, and it cannot stop work quickly. Most of the issues are occurred due to improper use.

What Consumers Are Saying

Upon checking real user reviews on various platforms, we find that most people are satisfied with this Snowblower’s performance.

No matter the snow is wet or heavy, it can handle any snow very quickly. The machine can work for hours without any hassle, and the customer support is rapid and supportive. 


This is the detailed review of Sno Tek Snowblower. If you must keep your driveways and walkways clear, then Ariens Sno Tek Snow Blower is the best option for you.

The Augers can toss snow from 3 feet to 40 feet, and the drive train keeps the Blower running even in the most challenging winter condition where other machines stop working. 

It also comes with two years of manufacturer warranty and the customer service is excellent.

We almost covered every feature in the post, but if you have any questions or queries, please ask in the comment section. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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