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5 Tips for Organising Your Living Room for Better Living


Nothing kills the appeal of a living room like clutter, which is why you must always maximize your space to keep it organised, inviting, and functional. Fortunately, living room makeover projects are usually easy and inexpensive, regardless of the size of the living room.

From stacking small items on a coffee table to installing nesting furniture pieces, here are a few simple storage ideas to help you organize and refreshen your living space.

1. Contain or conceal cords

One thing that can make your living room look untidy is having a messy tangle of cords sticking out in plain sight. But the good news is that there are several ways to deal with this problem.

To start with, you could either get a cable box to conceal the cords—which you can then hide in a cabinet—or you could neatly bundle similar cords together using a cord wrap or dock.

If, however, you choose to bundle the cords, ensure that you label each cord so that you can easily identify them.

2. Maximize coffee table storage

Whenever you are buying a coffee table, always prioritise its functionality over its style and design. This will save you a lot of space (and headache) when you are decluttering your living room.

If your coffee table lacks storage space beneath it, consider getting a more practical one or placing baskets or cubies under it for added storage. This will provide ample storage for you to stack your books, newspapers, board games, movie collections and photo albums.

3. Install a nesting coffee table

Nesting tables are basically a set of small tables which are stacked together but can be separated whenever you need extra surface space.

If your living room is too small to house a large-sized coffee table, you can opt for a nesting coffee table instead and along with it you can also add diy tower garden to give a greener vibe to your living room. . Nesting coffee tables are ideal for small living rooms, particularly because they take up less floor space while offering more tabletop surface space.

Coffee table books can still fit on a nesting table, depending on how large the gaps are. For example, a stunning photo book is typically thin enough to sit on top or between each table and can be folded outward when guests are over.

3. Buy a console table

Consider installing pieces of living room furniture that can add visual interest to your living space while helping you organize your items—like a console table, for instance.

Console tables come in a wide variety of sizes and designs, and will fit in your living room, regardless of its size. So trying placing one behind your sofa today.

You can display photos and houseplants on the table’s top tier, and then use the extra storage below to store other miscellaneous items.

4. Install a TV cabinet

Not many furniture pieces add luxury and practicality to the living room like TV cabinets.

Their functional design are suitable for both small and large living rooms, which is an added organisational benefit for the homeowner looking to maximize their living space.

If you want to install a TV cabinet in your living room, consider getting one that will not only house your TV, but will also offer adequate storage space for your books, DVDs and small decor pieces.

5. Hang floating shelves

Last but not least, another great organisational project to indulge in is hanging floating shelves on your living walls.

These structures are effective for stashing a good number of items, like books, magazines, and paperwork; what’s more, you can also use them to improve your living room’s aesthetic by displaying your plants, terrarium ideas, florals, favourite artworks, souvenirs and accessories on them.

Samantha White
Holding an MA in Fine Arts from Yale University, Samantha White has been an expert in creative crafts and room design for over 15 years. She has worked as an interior designer, where she honed her skills in creating functional and aesthetic spaces. She became a part of our community in 2020, offering insights into efficient craft room setups and innovative DIY techniques. Her background includes leading community art projects and teaching art classes. Samantha is also an avid gardener, often drawing inspiration from nature for her craft designs.

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