A Little Bit of Creativity Can Help You to Make Better Use of the Limited Space in Small Homes


The high cost of a property, especially in large towns and cities, makes it difficult for most people to buy large homes. This is especially true for people who are just starting careers and families and are forced to do with tiny homes that they are required to with for a large part of their working lives.

Living in small homes can be made easier if you learn how to use the space in it as efficiently as possible. Start with your walls as they are a source that will be available even in the tiniest of homes. They have always been used as a place for hanging pictures and the like but can be used for much more if given proper thought and planning. Make sure that your bookshelves or other cupboard or shelf space, extend all the way to the ceiling. Access may be a problem at ties, but the easy availability of small foldable step ladders can allow you to make full use of every level of your storage space.

Make use of wall planters like diy tower garden to put up any plants or other greenery that can always make a home a much pleasanter place to live in. There is wide variety of plants that you can grow indoors, even vegetables and fruits, and you need to make the best use of your walls for this. Use the back of doors to hang up things, even a bicycle, so that no space on the floor is taken up. Fold up chairs and tables can be hung on walls, and doors, and taken done only when they are needed. Do not use table lamps for lighting, and create a lighting plan for scones and other fixtures that will give you the light where it is needed.

Be extra creative when you are choosing furniture for the space you have in your small home. Use benches, instead of chairs so that can also have storage space below them. Convertible furniture like sofa beds can help you to get the needed storage space without having to clutter up your walls. Use furniture that can do double duty or stack easily into each other, so that it needs to be extended or pulled out only when it is needed. If you already have bought chairs and table and cannot afford to change your furniture, think of adding skirts to you furniture, so that the space below them can be used to act as storage, and yet keep things looking nice and uncluttered.

Many tiny home will have awkward corners and other spaces that can be easily used and converted into useful spaces, like desks, cupboards, and shelves that fit these spaces and yet provide you with space that you can use. Use space over doorways to create slatwall shelves that can hold things that you normally do not use, but still require some space for keeping them.

We have already talked about using doors to hang things, but make sure that you use them in such a way that they will not look untidy therefore you can go with some efficient gate ideas. Create proper bags or slatwall or other storage racks that can take up a whole lot of things. A kitchen door, or even the walls on the inside of cabinets can be used to hang up a lot of utensils and cutlery and save you a lot space. Add lofts in kitchens to create space that can even be used as a sleeping space for children. Lofts can be added anywhere and make for better use of the vertical space you have in your small home. Make use of space under staircases that can even become a small office space or extra storage. Use room dividers to make rooms into those that can see multiple uses.


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