Step by Step Guide in Choosing the Best Patio Furniture


If this is your first time designing your patio or any outdoor space in your house just by yourself, below are some tips and tricks on how you can pull it off.

Make sure not to miss a step to achieve the perfect patio that your family and guests will surely love.

1. Always start with a theme

Whenever you’re buying a piece of furniture, whether it’s for the patio, kitchen, dining room, or bedroom, figuring out the look you want to go for is always the first step.

Choosing a theme can help you in a lot of ways in your home designing journey. Not only will it make your space distinct and full of character, but it will also help you narrow down your options when buying furniture pieces and accessories.

If you’re having a hard time choosing a theme, you can always look for inspiration on the internet. You can go for a brutalist, industrial, or minimalistic theme paired with the perfect outdoor canvas art that would match your personality.

Once you’ve decided on a theme, make sure that you stick to it until the last piece of accessory that you’ll display on the space.

2. Get your colours right

There are complementary colours, then there are some that don’t just work well together. Every time you design a space, make sure that you get the colour combinations right.

Getting the right colours will not only beautify a space but will also help set the mood of that space.

For example, if you’re transforming your patio into a bar or a lounge area, darker shades might be a better choice. This will make the outdoor space look more mature and elegant-looking.

On the other hand, if you’re going to use your patio for family gatherings more often, lighter shades like white or adding a small terrarium is an easy choice. These colour palettes will give off a sense of warmth to any space.

Keep in mind that picking the right colours applies not only to the bigger furniture pieces or walls but also to the smallest accent pieces.

3. Get the right measurements

Theme? Check. Colour palettes? Check. Once you’ve decided on these things, now it’s time to bring out your measuring tapes and start sizing up your space.

Make sure that you won’t leave any floor area not measured up. You’ll need these measurements when buying the furniture pieces that you need. This is to make sure that everything will fit in your space.

Just keep in mind that when measuring the area, consider how many people will use that space at any given time. You’d want to leave enough room for these people to move around so that it wouldn’t look cramped.

4. When it’s shopping time, opt for durable pieces

When it comes to furniture, durability is the name of the game. Especially if you’re going to place them in your outdoor space. Patio furniture pieces are exposed to the outside elements more so they need to be more durable than the regular ones.

If you’ve already decided on what patio furniture you’re going to buy, make sure to check the quality of the products first. Keep in mind that you’re better off with a little more expensive furniture that feels durable, than a cheap product with a wobbly build.

Buying a furniture piece that will last will help you save more since you don’t have to replace it every time.

These are only some of the steps that you need to take to achieve the perfect patio setup. If you liked this article, there’s more @

William Eames
William Eames, with a background in industrial design brings over 18 years of experience in design and architecture. He joined our editorial team in 2019, offering insights into design trends and architectural innovations. Before this, William ran his design studio and lectured at various universities. His hobbies include photography and sustainable gardening, reflecting his commitment to aesthetics and the environment.

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