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Living in a disorganized space creates a busy mind, which can affect our mental and physical health. Cleaning up and removing clutter makes your space easier to clean, but it’s important to have a place for your things. Otherwise, you’ll keep moving them around from room to room. To help you stay organized, try the following storage solutions throughout your home.

The Best Storage Solutions for all Areas of the Home

Kitchen: Add Wracks and Designated Zones

Kitchen counters become cluttered quickly, and it may get worse with each meal you make. If you have a large kitchen but find you’re staying in one area due to the lack of space, you can start removing it and placing it elsewhere or create zones of prepping, cooking, and serving.

Pots and pans are challenging to put away, so they’re often stuck inside the oven. While that does work as a short-term solution, you will have to remove them every time you use the stove. A more practical kitchen counter organization solution, like the magnetic storage wrack from Caraway, shows off your cookware, makes it accessible, and keeps it off the counter.

Garage: Add a Workstation, Boot Racks, and Paneling

Garages have a lot of potential, but they’re often overlooked because they’re usually off-limits to guests. That doesn’t mean you can’t add extra storage to the space to make this high-traffic area less chaotic. First, install paneling on the walls where you can hang hooks and shelves.

With this easy installation, you and your family have quick access to outdoor equipment and tools. Add a workstation to the side of your garage, like a bench and a heavy-duty wrack, so you have an accessible space that can get a little messy. Finally, boot wracks, flooring, and a clothing bench will make it easier for your family to stow their stuff and prepare for winter.

Bedroom: Floating Shelves and Hidden Storage

Any tiny room could use a set of floating shelves, but bedrooms might need them more than anywhere else. While apartments and homes provide more room for high-traffic areas, even larger homes sometimes have small guest rooms with little floor space or storage.

Install floating shelves, preferably higher than eye level, and purchase decorative boxes or bins that look uniform on a blank wall. If you have a lot of stuff, or you share a room, optimize the space further by investing in hidden storage solutions. For example, buy a bed with pull-out shelves underneath the frame, benches with a removable top, or a standing mirror that opens.

Living Room: Bookshelves and Cleaver Furniture

A living room doesn’t have to look disorganized for there to be an organizational issue. As one of the highest traffic areas in the home, it can quickly gather a lot of stuff. After a few years, you won’t have anywhere to place your books, plants, video games, or other miscellaneous items.

Prepare for a storage nightmare in advance by buying loose bookshelves or installing a unit on one side of the wall. If you have an electric fireplace, build one above that unit. You can display artwork and books in an aesthetically pleasing way without breaking the bank. If you want to go the extra mile, buy a coffee table or side table with multiple shelves for more storage.

Pantry: Fresh Coat of Paint and Labeled Food Containers

Pantries are perfect for storing dry foods, but without a storage system, you’ll lose track of what you have and what you need to buy. On top of that, pantries don’t get the makeover they deserve because they’re a low-traffic area that can be hidden away with a closed door.

Make your life easier by painting your pantry in a bright color, so you can easily see inside with the lights on. Install extra shelves if necessary, but don’t forget to buy clear containers for loose food, like sugar and flour. For packaged goods, buy an open storage bin and throw things like ramen, chips, and snacks inside. Label each bin with text large enough to see from the door.

Closets: Vertical Organizers, Shelves, and Drawers

It’s common for professionals to hang their work shirts or dresses on hangers, but it makes your wardrobe difficult to see. Without a storage solution, you’ll have difficulty finding specific clothing articles, which will increase the time needed to get ready for work.

Adding vertical organizers can help you see more of your clothes without having to pull each hanger out. For your shoes, add shelves and racks that sit at eye level. All other clothing that can be folded and put away should use drawers. Be mindful of how you fold your clothes, as you’ll want to fold your shirts, so their designs are visible, easy to find, and neat.

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