Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall vs Breast Wall – Which is Better for Your Landscape?

Retaining Wall Vs Breast Wall

What do you think of this comparison? Which one do you choose?

Let us discuss it in detail.

Wall is important to bring lost lasting strength and durability to the home. Every pillar of the home should be strong enough through the wall.

Then only it will stand tough for a long period. Not only home, building, school, colleges, etc. Everything requires such kind of material which can protect you from any trouble like earthquakes and other natural calamities etc.

It is built once in a time; we cannot make it again and again because it needs a lot of expenditure. That is why we hire such developers who make better decisions for building any place.

Now, today’s topic is about the wall – Retaining and Breast Wall

Let us discuss one by one –

What Is a Retaining Wall?

Retention Wall

The retaining wall idea is constructed so that it can support the earth against its back. That is why it is called the Retaining wall.

Supporting the earth is the essential benefit of this wall. Due to this, it can laterally support the earth’s soil to support it from two sides.

  • This wall is designed so that it can restrict soil to a hill.
  • Mostly, this soil is used in terrain areas, valleys, or the place where hillside farming and roadway happens.
  • the essential feature of using this wall is that – it helps in downslope due to gravity by acknowledging the inclination.
  • Whenever we design this kind of wall, then it is important to build drainage. This system limits the burden on wall layout.

There are eight kinds of retaining wall and they are –

  1. Gravity Wall
  2. Reinforced retaining wall
  3. Concrete Cantilever retaining wall.
  4. Buttressed retaining wall.
  5. Reinforced soil retaining wall.
  6. Green retaining wall
  7. Mechanical stabilization wall
  8. Anchored wall 

Gravity wall is used for temporary bypassed walls.

Reinforced has two types: reinforced soil, concrete cantilever, and buttressed.

Retaining wall is generally used at that place where the dam is developed. It has a load-bearing capacity.

Advantage of Retaining Wall

  • The retaining wall has a protective structure that can protect you from any trouble.
  • It has functional production. Retaining the wall has an important function in building the foundation. That is why it is highly recommended by the experts.
  • The retaining wall has the best run-off solution. That is why it is used in terrain and hill areas to resist the soil from escaping.
  • This has reduced maintenance features.
  • The retaining wall comes with the most decorative pieces. That is why it has a decorative feature.
  • It has several types so that you can use any of these mentioned 8 types. All have the same strength and quality, which can give you better results.

Now talk about the next wall that is – Breast Wall.

What Is a Breast Wall?

Breast Wall

This wall is used to support the bank of the earth, that is why it is mostly found in hillside areas. Also, it is a low stone wall. 

The breast wall comes into the picture if there is a fresh surface cut or any old one. At that time, it plays a great role in supporting the soil. We need such an assisting wall or stuff for our earth. Because sometimes it is not possible to handle all kinds of pressure, we need such kind of material which gives a hand to stay with it.

Not in landscape areas, but we found most problems in hilly areas because of heavy mountains and unfavorable climate changes. That is why we see lots of catastrophes there.

Due to this reason, the people who dwell in such areas do not use bricks and cement to build their homes. They mostly use woods, timbers, etc., to survive.

  • This wall is found in such kind places where water is flowing over the slope. Also, the place where the weather changes from heavy rain to landslides.
  • Mostly, it is used on the side of the road and at the riverside to prevent soil erosion.
  • Breast wall height must not be more than 3 meters.
  • Hydraulic structures also come with a breast wall.
  • This is one of the best walls to protect the biological calamities.
  • Breast Wall is cheaper than another wall.
  • For making this wall, we need labor and local materials to craft it.
  • Breast wall enhances the chances of safety for the users use the road.


In this article, we have learned about the types of wall – Retention and Breast Wall

The one way to stop soil from erosion is to afforestation.

When we plant more trees than the chances of soil erosion are used at most levels. But now we can see as the population is expanding, people prefer home over trees.

They choose money over plants. That is why they cut down the forest and reduce the number of trees responsible for binding the soil from the root. Due to this, now we need artificial things to support the earth’s soil from running down.

After analysis, we have found that both walls are useful in their way. We cannot compare the two because both are important for supporting the earth. One helps from the side and one against the back. One is used in terrain, and the other is used in hill areas.

Social in every aspect. Well, after reading this article, you must share your thoughts. Which one do you choose?

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