Gardening can be viewed as a very personal experience and you are often encouraged to use your own initiative and approach to creating the sort of space and environment that you want, which you can achieve through online garden stores.

When it comes to the topic of holistic gardening, this means that you have the freedom to incorporate any number of ideas and strategies, focusing on all sorts of different elements.

That means you have the freedom to choose how you approach your garden project. Whether you decide that you would really like some Australian native plants or want to recycle as many natural materials as possible, these are just some of the options on the table when you take a holistic view.

Go for variety and diversity

Taking a holistic approach means you have the ability to take a diverse view of the type of fence planters you want to fill your outdoor space with.

Diversification is often a key element to improving sustainability.

It can be tempting to fill your garden with too many plants that are similar in height and look. A more holistic approach would be to try and incorporate a far greater variety and diversity of plants that are all sorts of different heights and foliage.

Done properly, this abundance of variety and diversity of species will create great interest all year round and attract plenty of wildlife too.

Focus on sustainability

There are some fundamental aspects of holistic gardening that are worth embracing.

Aim to grow as much produce to feed your family as possible and try to get the volume right in order to avoid waste.

Always use compost, as this is a natural choice.

Use plants that encourage predatory insects so that you can avoid harmful pesticides.

Go organic

To expand on this aspect of holistic gardening, it is important to focus your attention on managing your garden without having to resort to using any chemicals or pesticides.

There is no doubt that going organic in everything you do in your garden will have long-term benefits.

Replenish your ecosystem

Known as permaculture, or polyculture, this is all about aiming to recreate natural ecosystems in a domestic setting.

To achieve this aim, you need to try and carry out your gardening activities in a way that sets out to replenish as opposed to depleting your garden’s natural ecosystem.

Two ways of doing this are companion planting and regular crop rotation.

Reduce water use

It is all very well having a beautifully lush lawn that is a vibrant green, but at what cost?

Choosing a grass variety that is native to your area means it will be more adaptable to conditions and less reliant on heavy watering. Another good idea if you want to take a more holistic approach would be to consider reducing your lawn space and replacing it with a hardy groundcover. You could also convert some of your lawn space by using other landscaping features that are not so reliant on water.

If you can adopt some of these ideas into your gardening activities it could help you to enhance your holistic credentials.


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