These 4 Cities in Florida Have Incredibly Low Cost of Living


Florida is one of the most enjoyable and adventurous states of the US. Stretched by the 1,350 miles of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf Coast, Florida is a state of humid weather and year-round beach parties.

Due to the Sunshine State’s warm weather, popularly thriving economy and amazing opportunities to take full advantage of life, Florida attracts a lot of people every year. Dome just come to visit, some come on business trips, and some retired folks actually buy homes in the state to spend the rest of their lives within close proximity of golden-sand beaches with simple hot tub decks.

Apart from the bordered beaches, the giant state of Florida contains over 30,000 lakes that cover the land of over 3 million acres, with smaller lakes and some biggest ones of the world, including the country’s 4th largest Okeechobee river that stretches over the land of 448,000 acres and Florida’s 2nd largest Lake George of over 46,000 acres.

Lakes provide the perfect opportunity for non-coastal cities to set up cabins and housing schemes that give residents, tourists, and seasonal vacationers a great experience.

Therefore, a lot of people who buy houses in Florida at least manage to buy an affordable house in one of the cities that has access to a lake if not the beach.

However, whether you are retired and trying to find a Florida city to settle in for the rest of your life, or planning to move there permanently for a new job or life, you must consider all the factors that can make your life affordable and enjoyable there. And of the most important factors among them is the cost of living.

Low Cost of Living in Cities of Florida

If a cost of living is higher than you can pay, you already know that you cannot live in the city with the job you currently have. However, this factor is pretty low in some cities of Florida.

Some cities of Florida offer residency and ownership of a house or an apartment that is incredibly low, which helps you make your decision and makes it affordable to live a happy life in Florida.

Below are 4 cities in Florida that have an incredibly low cost of living.


Davenport is one of the most people-friendly towns in Florida with a lot of opportunities to live a quality life. With a good provision of healthy food and wholesome scenery of public parks and walking/jogging trails, Davenport is a community of peace- and quiet-lovers. The town is not industrially commercial, so there’s a good chance that you will spend your time in the fresh air, encouraging outdoor life.

The closest beach to Davenport is on the east coast of Florida, Cocoa Beach, which takes about 1 hour & 20 minutes to reach. Other beaches, which are nicer, like Clearwater, Sarasota Beaches, and St. Pete are all only about 2 hours away.

Davenport is a safe town with a low crime rate, with the central part of the city being the safest of all. The city is very affordable in terms of living, with the cost of living for a single adult only being $34,206 a year, including taxes, transportation, child care, food, housing, and other expenses. This COL is even less than both the average annual cost of Florida and the average national annual cost.

Plan your future in the right way and check out Houses for Sale in Davenport.

Haines City

Haines City is a beautiful small-town city in Florida’s Polk County. The city gives off major suburban vibes with its only 20,535 population, as of the last census of 2010. The small and quiet city can prove to be a lifelong provision of peace and calm living. If you need to add a little bit of thrill for a break, the closest Cocoa Beach is just a one-hour and 30-minute drive away. Or, you can drive to a nearby riverside for a family picnic.

Living in Haines City is going to prove to be an upside for sure because the city is part of the Lakeland-Winter Haven Metropolitan Statistical Area, which is considered as a part of the Tampa Bay Area; and thus, is developed accordingly in all terms of life.

The weather in Haines City remains windy and humid throughout all the year, with a little bit of cold in the winters. There is an excellent variety of jobs and amazing opportunities for quality education, with the cost of living being 12% less than the national average and 3% less than Florida. The housing program in the small city of Haines City is so developed and recognized for its unique environment that you will find a perfect house soon after contacting Haines City FL Real Estate.

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach is one of the most historically rich and adventurous small towns, with the namesake beach known as the “World’s Best Beach” that attracts a lot of visitors.

People who want to settle in the Sunshine State plan to take a maximum of that tan at Daytona Beach with the city’s waterfront chaotic lifestyle and adventure-filled apartments.

Despite the upscale provisions, Daytona Beach is one of the cheapest places to live in Florida; most people come to the city in their middle age and plan to have success in their lives in Daytona Beach. The careers, high and high-end education, international events, beautiful beach, and a lot of business-minded people are just waiting to meet you in Daytona Beach.

Well, if we take off top-rated beaches from the table, you still have amazing things to find out, including the Daytona International Speedway, Museum of Arts and Sciences, the Boardwalk, and more.

What’s good is that, despite being an amazing place to live with all its wondrous opportunities, Daytona Beach offers low-cost housing with an overall low cost of living.

Cape Coral

You might have heard before that Cape Coral is probably the cheapest place to live in the state of Florida. Well, you haven’t heard wrong. Cape Coral, located in southwestern Florida, is one of the cheapest, or probably the top of the list, to live in Florida.

Consisting of 400 miles of canals, Cape Coral is nicknamed “Waterfront Wonderland.” The population only sits humbly at 175,000, and the all-time low crime rate makes the reasoning even better. If not the best, then it’s definitely the cheapest place to live in Florida.

And if you are wondering why it’s cheap despite its amazing provisions, let me tell you: Cape Corals have a lower cost of living than the national average, which includes the expenses of health care, utility, and housing, with grocery and transportation being a bit pricier.

Moreover, this is a safe haven for tax-less people, because as a citizen of Cape Coral, you don’t need to pay inheritance tax, estate tax, or even income tax. This is especially good news for retirees because they love not to pay taxes. Cape Coral is definitely a city that has made life quite beautiful with its low cost of living.

Apart from these 4 cities, some cities in Florida that also have a low cost of living are Palm Bay, Palm Coast, Gainesville, Orlando, Kissimmee, and more.

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