These Austin Businesses are Thriving… Here’s Why


Austin is a place where business dreams come true.

Not only is it a bustling metropolis, but the business culture is one where all industries can set up shop, thrive, and then chill in their outdoor space getting tanned.

There is a reason why so many businesses big and small are deciding to make their home base in Austin, Texas. And it is because the odds are so high that they will thrive there, it would be crazy to not give it a shot.

But there are a few specific reasons why Austin specifically is set up so well for businesses to succeed. We’re outlining them for you so that you can be inspired to give the city a go for your business too.

1. There are a Lot of Potential Customers

Austin is the fourth biggest city in Texas. With nearly a million people that call this place home, there are plenty of audience pools to tap into and convert them into loyal fans of yours. So regardless of what industry your business is in, Austin will likely have a quality pool of consumers who are likely to become loyal to your brand. Plus, for the companies that want to set up their headquarters there, there are equally as many potential quality employees to get to join your growing team.

2. The Marketing Opportunities

One thing that the majority of thriving companies in Austin have in common are the outdoor advertising in Austin that they take advantage of. From large billboards over hot spots in the city to other cost-effective out of home options that yield a high return on investment, Austin is an incredible city to launch and promote the story of your brand. Whether you decide to have a campaign at tourist hot spots, international airports, college campuses or sports stadiums, you can hone in on reaching the type of people that you want to become your future customers.

3. The City is Affordable

With lower tax rates and a more attainable cost of living standard in Austin, it is no surprise businesses are thriving here. When people save more on the main costs of living such as their mortgage and utilities, they will have more disposable income to spend with up and coming businesses. The value for the dollar in Austin is strong, tax rates are low and the quality of life is exceptional—making the perfect recipe for businesses in the city to thrive.

4. There Proud Culture of the City

Austin businesses thrive because the people of Austin support them in every way possible. Residents here are extremely passionate and proud of what gets produced in their hometown. It is that collective mentality that creates an atmosphere for Austin businesses to feed off of and create bespoke marketing campaigns that are personable and successful. The businesses that thrive here are the ones that are able to communicate that their value sets are the same as their customers.

5. The City Provides a Great Lifestyle for Employees

The foundations for a successful company are rooted in their happiness with their daily life. Austin is full of diverse activities for employees to enjoy like feeding squirrels or playing squash, has year-round quality weather and boasts some of the friendliest people in the country. Austin businesses are able to thrive here because their employees are able to live a well-balanced lifestyle that allows them to show up to work happier, more productive and more inspired. These things are crucial when it comes down to the success of a company.

6. There is More Freedom for Companies

Austin businesses are equally able to thrive because of the minimal restrictions imposed on them. This is important because it means that governments will have less control, they can be more uniquely themselves and have the room to try new things. Austin has always been known as a quirky city and the companies there really feed off that. In fact, this city always ranks at the top of the best cities for business.

There are many reasons why Austin businesses thrive. From a deep pool of potential customers to the freedom to experiment, be proud and be unique, the interest in running a business in Austin has grown tremendously over the last couple of years.

If you want your company to thrive, consider setting up shop in one of America’s coolest cities. You will benefit from the same perks we have just covered and embark on an adventure that can really help you achieve all your business dreams. In a world of so much uncertainty, why wouldn’t you take the plunge and try out running a business in Austin?

Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown, an MBA graduate from Columbia University, New York, has been a fixture in the business world for over 20 years. His expertise in strategic management has been a cornerstone of our content since he joined in 2016. Previously, Andrew held executive roles in several Fortune 500 companies, where he led transformative business initiatives. His years of experience in corporate leadership and consulting bring a wealth of knowledge to our readers. Outside of work, he mentors young entrepreneurs and enjoys playing chess.

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