Things to Know About TV Disposal

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TV Disposal

It is not as easy to recycle TVs and other e-waste as it is to recycle other things. There are usually no e-waste bins like they have recycling bins for plastic or cardboard. However, there are ways to recycle your TVs responsibly.

There are places to recycle these items throughout the world and if you can think about TV disposal in Sydney, visit this link, and call these e-waste recyclers around that area to help you to dispose of your old TVs.

This article will help you to find some ways to dispose of your old televisions. It will help you to find some other ways to recycle them. You can also do more research to find ways to dispose of those items.

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Ways to Recycle TVs

Call Your Waste Disposal Company – Your trash company might know some places that you might be able to tell you somewhere to dispose of your e-waste. They will sometimes partner with those types of companies. Some waste disposal companies have their own places where they dispose of these items on their own.

You can also look for e-waste disposal companies around your area. Sometimes these places have pickup or drop-off locations around your city: Sometimes they have special days during the year to take care of this.

Some electronics stores also have e-waste disposal sites that you can take advantage of. They might have days when you can drop off your old televisions. It would not hurt to call these types of stores in your area.

You might also be able to send your old TV back to the manufacturer. They sometimes have recycling programs set up so that you can do this. You might have to pay for the shipping to return it, but it is a good place to check.

Donate or Sell – You could also donate or sell the old TV. You could find long-term care facilities to see if they could use another television for their recreation rooms or patients’ rooms. This only works if the TV is still in working condition and you have the remote to go along with it.

You could sell it through your newspaper or online marketplace. If it is still in working condition, you could probably be worth around two to three hundred dollars or more. You might even get a little more, depending on the condition of the television.

You could also donate to family and friends if they might need a television. Many families will probably take it if they need one for their bedroom, rec room, or children’s room. This is just another way to dispose of an unwanted television.

Some electronics, such as your old television, will qualify for buyback programs from large electronics stores, even if they are not in working condition. You could call these stores to see if your TV qualifies for this program. The worst they can do is tell you no.

Transporting Your TV Safely – If your television is heavy, or if it is just large and unwieldy, have some friends help you to move it. If it is a smaller, light one, you can move it easily on your own. You must be careful either way to make sure that you do not drop it.

You will want to stand close to your TV when you are getting ready to pick it up. You want to be about a foot away from it. You will also want to stand with your feet shoulder-length apart when you are ready to lift.

Bend from your knees and not your waist to keep you safe from harm. You will need to squat down and keep your back straight. This will help you to lift with your legs and not strain your back.

Important Reasons to Recycle or Repair – E-waste is the fastest-growing stream of waste globally. Many electronics are not built to last very long and will quit working after just a few years. This leads to a lot of waste that does not have a place to go.

The Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, says that only 15% to 20% of all electronic waste is disposed of properly. Much of it is sent the landfills, incinerators, or developing countries. This is dangerous because many of these items have chemicals in them that could be dangerous if you are exposed to them.

Exporting Old Electronics – Many of the old electronics are exported to Third World countries that do not have ways to recycle these items safely. They are sent to junkyards who hire people to harvest all the valuable components from these items. They are often inexperienced and are paid low wages to do this.

They really do not understand the dangers that they are exposing themselves to. These old electronics have chemicals that can be dangerous if exposed to them. These inexperienced workers do not understand that or are willing to take their chances.

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Where Are They Recycled – You can call various places to recycle your used televisions. One place that you can call is E-Cycling Central and they can tell you where to recycle. See here for more information about E-Cycling Central. Many of these e-cyclers will often pick up your old electronics.

These e-cyclers will then separate the good electronics that could be used again from the useless ones. They will strip all the equipment that can be used again such as electrodes and such and recycle it. They will then be shredded and then sent to the smelter.

Erase Your Data – You might have personal data that is on your television. Many require passwords and such so that you can get into your streaming programs. You might also have the streaming programs still on the TV. Make sure that you erase all this data.

This is even more important if you have old computers or cell phones that you want to recycle. You want to make sure that all your private information is removed from these items. You do not want anyone to get your information.

You May Have to Pay – You might have to pay to have your television recycled. You want to find someone that will recycle it the right way and not do something irresponsible. If you want it recycled responsibly, you should be all right with paying a little money to have it done.

Some things that you will be more likely to pay for are printers, printer cartridges, and CRT televisions. These are more likely to be difficult to recycle so there are charges to do it. These charges should not be too much, but it is worth it to have them recycled responsibly.


There are many ways that you could recycle or otherwise dispose of your old TV. You want to make sure that you are responsible in the way that you do this. You do not want to harm the environment by throwing it into the landfill.

You can recycle your television in many ways, including calling the big box electronic stores to see if they have a way to recycle it. You can also call an e-cycler who will find you the right spot to recycle. You can also pay someone to come and pick it up so that they can recycle it responsibly.

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