Electrical outages happen all of sudden. It doesn’t wait for the time when an expert is standing next to you. Therefore, it is immensely important for all of us to at least know our home’s electrical system.

Oftentimes, it is observed that homeowners become anxious and bewildered by an unpredicted power outage or some other electrical problem. In regards to this, our Electrician in Auckland says that at some or other point of time everyone gets electrical problems, so instead of getting worried, one should remain calm and try to find the source of the problem.

Our expert residential and commercial electrician in Auckland suggests that homeowners’ response to electrical problems can not only work to minimize damages but can also work to simplify things for the electrician.

Here in this blog, we have mentioned the right way as suggested by our expert electrician by which homeowners should respond to the electrical problems.

The correct way to troubleshoot electrical problems!

Before you dive straight into the expert’s suggestion, ask yourself a few questions,

  • What you do when there’s a power outage in your home?
  • Do you do some research for it by yourself?
  • Do you know about your home’s wiring architecture?
  • How many times have you been into such a situation?

As an alert and wise homeowner, you should know general information about your home’s electrical system. With just a little information and know-how, you can do a lot of things to save your home appliances from potential damage.



Power outage is an electrical issue when either your complete home or some part of it has lost power.

What to do in case of a power outage?

Check your neighborhood: Check out whether or not your neighbors have lost power. If yes, then that means the problem is in your complete locality and not just your home. In this case, call the utility company and ask about the problem and how long it will take to resolve it.

On the off chance, if there isn’t a power cut in your neighborhood, then that means there’s some problem only in your home’s electrical system. Now, check Electrical rewiring whether there’s an electrical outage in just one or all of your rooms. After understanding how much area of your home has got a power loss, you can consider calling an electrician to solve the issue.


Oftentimes homeowners plug the appliances that consume higher wattage than the light fixtures. Due to this, the overloading issue occurs. In general, hairdryers, air conditioners, electric heaters are a few appliances that result in overloading. This might require troubleshooting log splitters or other appliances.

What to do to counter electrical overloading?

Circuit breakers in the main electrical trip down automatically to prevent so much amount of electrical current to pass through the electrical wires. To troubleshoot the problem, reach the main panel or subpanel of your home. Turn to see if any of the circuit breakers has flipped off or are in the mid-way of on and off. Turn the circuit completely off and then bring it back to the on position.


The short circuit is a condition when the hot or open wire touches a neutral or ground wire. Due to this, the extra current that flows through the circuit eventually results in the breaker tripping.

How to trace a short circuit?

You may see murky smudge marks on the boards of non-working switches and receptacles. Get the cord or plug replaced by your electrician. If this is not the case, then get your electrical wiring checked by your electrician.


During storms or winds, the problem of flickering light emerges due to ripped wirings. Such type of wiring can easily result in electric shorts and can catch wire.

How to counter the flickering light problem?

To resolve this problem, you should rely only on a professional electrician. Immediately call an electrician to replace the ripped wirings and save yourself and your family from a potential threat.


There are a variety of causes for electrical surges. This includes frayed wirings, poor quality appliances, or maybe the rented log splitter or snowblowers can be a problem. However, they take place for a really short duration but are a hazard for your appliances.

How to get rid of electrical surges?

Try to resolve the problem by removing poor-quality power boards or devices from the outlet. If the issue persists, consider calling the electrician to resolve the problem.


In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, almost everything runs on electricity. Despite every convenience, some electrical problems take place uninformed.

Remember, you shouldn’t run off or be afraid of such problems. At the same time, you should also not be overconfident and try to solve major electrical problems on your own. All you should do is, stay alert and learn a little know-how and leave the rest on a reliable electrician.

If you are facing any sort of electrical problem in your residential or commercial building in Auckland, look no further than Strike Electricals. We are Auckland’s most trusted and dependable electrician and provide the highest quality smart home setup at cost-effective prices. To know about our services, visit our website today.

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