What are the Pros and Cons Of Above Ground Pools?

What are the Pros and Cons Of above Ground Pools

Above ground, pools are the best alternative for ground pools. As the name suggests they are not made inside the ground but on top of it. Humans are using above-ground pools since the 19s. But the image of above-ground pools has been changed in recent years. There is some magnificent above ground pools model available in the market.

People prefer these pools over ground pools because of less expense. Also, they are easy to build and there is no hustle at all. As every coin has two sides, above-ground pools also have some pros as well as cons. If you are thinking to build an above-ground pool in your backyard then must read the pros as well as cons of making such pools.

You will get more clarity about your decision. Let’s begin with the pros first!

Pros Of Above Ground Pool

Easy To Set Up in The Backyard

The best part about above-ground pools is that they are very easy to install as well as to remove. Ground pools may require professional people with lots of hard work such as digging. On the other hand above ground pools only require DIY ideas. Also, you don’t have to dig your backyard to install this. There will be less impact on your backyard as compared to the ground pools.

You can also remove the pool at the time of winter or whenever you don’t want to use the pool.

Very Affordable and Low Maintenance

There is a huge difference between the cost of the above-ground pool and a ground pool. You don’t have to pay the labor thousands of bucks. Also, the government will not charge any kind of tax from you as it can be removed at any time from your backyard. If you add some extra features then it will still cost you less than the ground pool.

At the same time above ground, pools are very low maintenance. It requires almost zero effort to clean such pools because the chances of settling down the dirt are very less. You can always tie the cover where there is thunderstorm and breeze loads of dirt. Also if you accidentally break the wall of the pool then it cost very less to repair that.

Safer Than Ground Pools and You Can Always Resell Them

If you have kids in your house, then above-ground pools are the safest option. You can always adjust the level of water according to your kid’s height. The risks of accidents become zero.

Also in case if you change your mind then you can always resell the above-ground pools. In this way, your money will come back to your again.

Cons of above ground pools

It May Not Match Your Standards

If you like to maintain a high class, then it may not match your standard. Of course, above ground pool will look a little odd in your backyard as compared to the ground level. It may also look very cheap as some pools are as cheap as a bathtub.

It may spoil the elegant beauty of your backyard.


Every cheap thing comes with a price. The price of a cheap above-ground pool is its durability. The infinity pools can last up to 50 years on the other hand the life span of above-ground pools is only 10-15 years. It is not like a one-time investment.

You may have to change your pool after some years.

It Can Be Destroyed Easily and Only Fewer Designs Are Available

Although the repairing cost of such pools is very low, they can be damaged again and again. The material used is not of good quality and hence even a small cut can destroy the pool easily. A thunderstorm can destroy such pools within seconds.

Also, there are fewer designs available for above-ground pools in the market.

How To Make an Above-Ground Pool?

It requires very little effort to make an above-ground pool. You can either buy one from a local store or online sites. You can go for rubber pools which are easy to make. Fill it with air and, you are good to go.

You can also choose wood pool options. For wood pools, we will suggest you buy them from the store so they can send a mechanic to install them in your backyard. This will make the above-ground pool look nice.

There are other options also like concrete but, these may trouble you while removing it.

This is all about the pros and cons of an above-ground pool. If you are looking for a small-time investment, then this is the best option for you.  But it is not made for long time investments. You have read all the pros and cons now the decision is all yours.

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