How to Start a Snow Blower

How to Start a Snow Blower

Snow Blowers are one of the best equipment which can be very useful in the winter months of the year.

The problem is that most people do not know how to use this or do the necessary settings.

This article will discuss how to start a Snow Blower along with all its safety instructions.

What Will you Need?

One Snow Blower

You just need a Snow Blower, and you must look at all the buttons and understand their mechanism.

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There are different types of snow blowers available in the market, but they all have the same mechanism. 

So, it is easy for the users to figure out the functions of each button of the Snow Blower.

User Manuals

The User Manuals are considered important paperwork as they provide all the necessary information related to the Snow Blower. 

It provides detailed information about all the snow blower sections, so it is essential to read this thoroughly before using the Snowblower.



Some of the things you need to know before starting the Snow Blower:

Buy Fresh Gas

Old, stored gases are not considered as an ideal fuel for the snow blowers. Winter gas has a more volatile blend. That is why you must use fresh gas to start the snowblower quickly.

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Use Additive

Stabilizers are one of the best components added in the fuel to make the engine of the Snowblower start quickly. 

You must make sure that the number of stabilizers added must be in the prescribed amount. Too much addition of stabilizers can result in gumming up the carburetor.

Get Enough Gas

During the winter seasons, the snow blowers require some more gas than normal usage. So, it is recommended to keep a more extensive gas can make the Snowblower running.

Clear Obstacles

Before using the Snowblower, you must clear the obstacles from the way of mowing. You must make sure that there are no newspapers, stones, cables, etc., present in the way of snow blowers.

Adjust to Height.

You must adjust your Height according to the Height of the Snowblower. You can use Skid Shoes for that purpose.

Plan Your Way

It would help if you planned how you are going to use the blower. You must make sure that there are no obstacles present in the way of Snow Blower. You must avoid using it near the house.

Harness the Sun

It would help if you tried to clear the snow before the sun gets too high because sunlight can help break the remaining snow.

Start your Engine.

It is recommended to always start the engine in open areas such as lawns or fields. If you are operating on an electric blower, then you must keep an extension cord ready.

Work as a Team

Working as a team will help in clearing the snow much faster. In a group of four people, you can divide them into two to make the task much more comfortable.

Pre-Start Checkup: 

  • Check if the oil level is full or not.
  • The control is must set to Neutral.
  • There must be Fresh fuel is in the tank.

Necessary Steps to Start the Snow Blower

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Inspecting Your Snowblower

Step 1: Check the Oil Level

Before starting the Snowblower, you must have to check the tank’s oil level if it is full or not.

Step 2: Fuel Up

Fill the fuel in the Snowblower as recommended. Make sure the fuel you are adding to the blower is fresh. It is recommended to use Ethanol fuel in the snow blowers as the lousy quality of fuels leads to various engine problems.

Step 3: Set the Drive Control to Neutral

You must set the drive mode neutral before starting the snow blower for safety reasons. Keeping the Snowblower at neutral will help in preventing any unintended activity when the machine starts.

Prepping for Ignition

Snowblower technician

Step 1: Set the Choke to “Full”

In the wintertime, it is essential to set the choke to Full. It helps in mixing fuel with air correctly and helps in starting the engine quickly.

Step 2: Increase the Throttle

You can also turn the throttle setting to fast, indicated by the rabbit symbol in some of the snow blowers.

Step 3: Turn on the Fuel.

Before starting the Snowblower, you must make sure that the valve is in the “on” position. You can also refer to the manual if you are unable to locate the valve. 

After the usage of Snowblower, it is recommended to turn the valve off. It will reduce the risk of fuel leaking.

Step 4: Hit the Ignition Switch

After completing the above steps, you can now hit the switch key upwards to enable the snowblower to run.

Step 5: Insert the Key

Some snow blowers require a start key to start the engine, so if you have a key, you must insert it in the position as these snow blowers will not start unless you have entered the key in the correct place.

Keys are handy to stop the snow blowers in an emergency quickly, you must pull out the key, and the Snowblower will stop.

Step 6: Push the Primer Bulb

Primer Bulbs are mainly responsible for the circulation of fuel in all parts of the engine. It is recommended to push the bulb two to three times before starting the snowblower in the cold season.

Starting the Engine

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Step 1: Pull the Starter Rope

It is recommended to pull the starter rope smoothly until it catches some resistance. Then, you must pull the rope in an upward direction to start the engine.

Step 2: Plugin the Snowblower’s Power cord

Some of the Snow Blower’s come with a Power Cord. To start the engine, you must have to plug in the power cord into the outlet. You must make sure that the voltage of the power outlet is the same as the Snowblower.

Step 3: Press the Start Button

Now, you must press the red start button until the engine starts. It is recommended to disconnect the Snowblower from the power source once the blower starts.

Step 4: Turn the Choke Switch Off Before Using the Snow Blower

Let the Snowblower run for five to ten minutes until its engines get heated. Then, you must turn the choke off.

Now, your Snow Blower is ready to use.

Final Words

It is essential to read the user manual before using these giant machines to provide all the necessary and safety information. 

It is effortless to start the snow blower, and you need to follow the steps mentioned above.

Once you know how to use these blowers properly, you will not be worried about starting and using them next time. 

We have discussed how to start a Snowblower in detail, and that is all to it.

If you have any problems regarding this topic, please post your queries in the comment sections below.

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