What is a Cord, Face Cord, and Rick of Firewood?


Have you ever wondered what exactly a rick of firewood is? If you have ever come across selling firewood or general woods, you must have come across this special type of firewood.

However, if you do not know anything about the rick of firewood, cord, and face cord, then we have brought this article to explain thoroughly what exactly these things and what role are do they play in our lives.

Cord and Rick

Cord, rick, and firewood are the most used words when dealing with firewood. Once you learn the difference between a cord and a rick, then it will be easy for you to understand their concepts and use them in general.

A cord of firewood is just a common word used to describe the size of a stack of firewood. A cord is a unit that is used for measuring the dry volume of firewood.

A rick of firewood is just another name of face cord of firewood. It describes a particular unit that measures 4′ high by 8′ wide by 16” deep. Generally, a full cord, face cord, and rick of firewood have the same size as the stack logs.

However, the main difference between a full cord and the face cord of firewood is the depth. They both have different depths, and that is the only difference between them.

How Big is a Rick of Wood?

Generally, a rick of wood contains an eight-foot wide stack that is almost four feet tall, and the depth goes to 18 inches deep. More so, both the terms face cord and rick refer to the same thing when we talk about the size of the stack of wood.

They differ in meaning only when we describe the exact depth and overall size of the stack of wood. The depth of rick means the measurement goes by the average cut length of a log of firewood.

Mostly, the logs cut down to 16-18 inches long, and this has now become the standard depth of rick or the face cord.

Cost of A Rick of Firewood?

Face Cord Firewood

Well, now you know that a rick of firewood describes the depth of the stack of logs, and it has now become a standard unit that is limited to a particular number. Now, the question arises that how much it can cost when one tries to purchase it.

So, there is no direct answer to this question because it varies according to many different factors: the thickness and uniformity of the word, the split of woods, the moisture level, cleanliness, and the timeline of the year.

When all these factors are included, then only the price of a rick of firewood is suggested to the buyer. Therefore, people are often asked to purchase the log only when it is the time of firewood, and only then will the price be dropped. Otherwise, it is quite costly if you want to get it anytime in the year.

Although, the average price of a rick of firewood varies between 150$-200$. It is costly, and therefore people always think before purchasing it. Furthermore, people generally purchase the firewood according to the cord or rick, depending on firewood.

Why is Firewood required?

Firewood is generally required at those places that face extreme winter conditions and when it is difficult to produce heat. Then, the requirement for firewood increases to produce heat and cozy nights around the fireplace. 

Therefore, firewood is always sold after checking its condition like the depth of the log, moisture level of the wood, and the quality of the wood whether it is perfect for producing heat or not.

That is why firewood is costly, and many measurements and standards are verified whether they are up to date and good for purchasing or not. The same goes with the cord of firewood as well.

In the early days, the sellers used rope cords to hold together the stack of woods, and since then, this term got attached with the selling of firewood. According to the cords, a cord of firewood is a lot of wood, and people purchase the firewood.

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