What is the Best Alternative to Water Balloons?

Colorful plastic balls on grass, a fun alternative to water balloons for outdoor activities

Are you out with your friends for a water fight and ran out of water balloons? Damn! That definitely puts you behind the game. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had some water balloon cannon in which water balloons never end? Wouldn’t that be great!

Alas, there is no such cannon that offers an endless supply of water balloons. But hey! You can opt for other alternatives that work not only the same but, in fact, better than water balloons.

Water balloon fights are one of the favorite playthings of almost every child. But the best part about water balloon fights is not the balloon but the water. So here in this blog, we will share with you some amazing alternatives for “balloons” in water balloon fights. Read on.

Why Should You Look Out For Alternatives for Water Balloons?

Consider alternatives for water balloons due to environmental concerns.

Well, fun is not the only reason we suggest this list of alternatives to water balloons. While water balloon fights offer a big splash of joy to the players, it’s not so joyful to Mother Earth. The plastic used in regular water balloons is single-use plastic, which means once you throw and burst them, it only becomes a non-biodegradable burden on Earth’s ecosystem. And causing harm to the future generation just for fun isn’t right at all, right?

And that is why having alternatives as below is a big lifesaver (literally).

Best Alternatives for Water Balloons

1. DIY Sponge Bombs

DIY sponge bombs arranged neatly on a wooden table

DIY sponges are honestly our best and top favorite alternatives to water balloons. Sponges are perhaps the most eco-friendly alternatives of all. Not only are they reusable, but also they use the water in a very small amount. The thing with sponges is that all you have to do is soak them in a little water, and when you throw them toward your friend, despite holding minimum water, they will make your friend wet and attack.

Plus, as mentioned before, they are reusable, so while you will throw your water sponge at your friend, they will throw theirs at you; hence, having a limited number of sponges will make the game last longer.

2. Reusable Water Balloons

Reusable water balloons add fun to pool activities.

Are you one of those old-school players who take pleasure in a water balloon fight only if balloons are involved? Perhaps you love to hold and throw a big ball of water and watch it burst on your friend’s face. If so, that’s perfectly fine. Because reusable water balloons are a thing now. The best part about these balloons is that you get a similar water balloon fight experience without compromising.

The mechanism involved in reusable water balloons is to open the ball up, fill it up with water, and throw it! Conversely, after the splash, the ball gets empty; your friend can use it too. So basically, there is no more problem of running out of water balloons.

3. Water Sprayers or Guns

A happy young girl enjoying herself while playing with a water gun

Well, this isn’t exactly something very similar to water balloons or balls, but it’s definitely a great option for water fights with your friends in summertime. With water guns, the fun gets doubled, and the waste of plastic and water is reduced immensely.

And on top of that, you get to feel like the pro player of the game, making the otherwise basic water fights appear as full-fledged combat. In this combat, you will have a great chance at winning without worrying about running out of ammunition. So we suggest you go out and buy yourself a smart-looking water gun and get into the water battlefield.

4. Water Cannons

 A water cannon spraying water at high pressure to disperse crowds or extinguish fires

This alternative is very similar to the water guns discussed above, but here’s the catch. In this, you don’t have to carry the big and heavy water cannon around, unlike in water guns.

All you have to do is find a proper spot to station your cannon and load it with double or thrice the capacity of water as water guns and get on with your water battle fun. Hah! That actually rhymed. Anyway, the point is that water cannons are just a fancier and more effective alternative to water guns and definitely to water balloons.

Summing It Up!

So you see! You can have your daily fill of fun and, in fact, more of it while not harming nature. Water balloon fights are indeed refreshing, but there’s no hard rule that it has to be done using single-use plastics.

From the above list of eco-friendly alternatives for water balloons, we hope you choose the one with the least water consumption; after all, saving water is also an act of saving the earth. Basically, choose one out of the two when you can do both, i.e., entice yourself with a big water combat and a happy mother earth.

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