What Items Won’t Be Hauled Away by Junk Removal Services?


Are you tired of staring at all that old junk you’ve accumulated in your home, office, or commercial property? Whether it’s old furniture, exercise equipment, boxes of office supplies, or even yard waste or old construction materials, junk has a way of building up until suddenly you’re almost out of space. But luckily there’s help.

Hiring professional junk removers is the fast, efficient, and easy way to finally get rid of all that old junk. These professional junk removal services will show up to your home or office and efficiently and safely haul away and dispose of your unwanted items. While these pros will be able to haul away almost anything, it is important to note that there are some items they can’t haul away, which, of course, is important to know before they come out.

Here, we’re taking a closer look into the world of junk removal services and reviewing which items will (and which items will not) be hauled away by most of these services.

What are Junk Removal Services?

If you’ve never hired these professionals before, you may not even really be sure as to what they can do for you. So, what exactly are junk removal services and why would you need them? When you call on a professional junk removal company, they’ll send a team of pros to your home, office, or commercial property and immediately get to work hauling away most of your old items. In some cases, they can even offer same-day schedule to get your space cleaner as soon as possible.

Junk removal services will show up in a prompt and timely manner—they understand how valuable your time is even if they are stored in a wheelbarrow. That’s why the top junk removal pros have perfected the junk removal process so that they can get in and out and you can move on with your day. Professional junk removal is designed to be professional, quick, efficient, and friendly.

Which Items Won’t Be Taken by Junk Removal Companies?

While junk removal teams will haul away almost anything, this doesn’t mean that they’ll take everything. And this is an important distinction to understand. There’s nothing more frustrating then having a junk removal company come out only to find out that they won’t take certain items. This, of course, is why you should be clear with what you need removed. With a quick phone call, you’ll know whether or not this certain junk removal service can meet your needs. In some cases, certain companies will be able to take certain items.

However, there are some common items that most junk removal firms won’t be able to haul away for you. In most cases, assume that your junk removal team will NOT take the following junk items:

· Fuel.

· Household cleaners.

· Pesticides.

· Oil and paints.

· Ammunition.

· Fireworks and explosives.

· Materials containing asbestos, especially for patios

· Medical waste.

· Pharmaceutical products.

· Pressurized containers.

Additionally, some items, may simply be too large or heavy to be safely taken away. In some cases, if the item is in an inaccessible location that the junk removal crew can’t reach, this could also be an issue. Don’t hesitate to call up your local junk removal team to learn more about how they can help.

So, What Type of Junk Will They Haul Away?

Now that we’ve covered what junk removal items won’t be haul away, it’s time for the good news. In most cases, professional junk removal firms will haul away almost any items—after all, that’s what they’re here for. From furniture to old construction materials, they’re trained on how to quickly and safely haul away your old items. They strive to make the overall process as smooth and hassle-free for their clients as possible.

Most junk removal services will haul away most of your old items, including:

· Exercise equipment.

· Electronics.

· Furniture.

· Mattresses and box springs.

· Rugs and carpets.

· Yard waste and debris.

· Printers and copiers.

· Refrigerators.

· Stoves and ovens.

· Appliances.

· Air conditioners.

· Water heaters.

· Construction waste.

· Dishwashers.

· Tires.

· Scrap metal.

As you can see, there’s quite a few items that they will haul away for you. For items that are simply too large or awkward to be carted away by your weekly garbage pick up, you’ll want to give the professionals a call.

Who Could Benefit from Junk Removal Services?

If you need some junk hauled away, then these professionals can be of help. From homeowners to property owners and office managers, junk removal services are the perfect way to quickly declutter your space. In particular, the following may benefit from the prompt and friendly service of a professional junk removal team:

· If you’re moving.

· Renovating your home or office.

· Moving offices.

· Property managers.

· Home Owner’s Associations (HOAs).

Conclusion – What Items Won’t Be Hauled Away by Junk Removal Services?

Isn’t it time that you finally got rid of all that old junk piling up in your home or office space? Old junk has a strange way of quickly piling up, and before you know it, you’re practically drowning in old furniture, yard waste, spare exercise equipment, or those electronics that don’t even work anymore. But don’t worry. If this sounds like your current condition, there’s help. Simply call on a local junk removal team and they can help you declutter your life.

However, it’s important to note that they won’t take absolutely any items. While they do haul away most of your junk, most junk removal services won’t take items like ammunition, medical waste or medicine, fuel, household cleaners, or other potentially hazardous materials. Additionally, some items may be simply too large to move. This is why you should always be specific with which items you need taken away. With one quick call, you can be on your way to a cleaner home or office.

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