What Ripping Chain Fits Poulan Pro Pr5020? 

What Ripping Chain Fits Poulan Pro Pr5020

Ripping chains are almost the heart of the chainsaws. If you are looking to make an effective and effortless cut, then there is no better savior than a ripping chain. It is specially designed for this purpose. Most professionals often mention ripping chains as the most efficient and needed tool while practicing a cut.

But often users confuse themselves while figuring out the best ripping chain that can complement their chainsaws. One such similar confusion is seen while choosing a ripping chain for a Poulan Pro PR5020.

A lot of users confuse themselves and fail to choose an effective chain for their chainsaws. Today through this article we tend to provide a clear vision, choice, and guidance on making an effective choice.

So, continue to scroll down to know which ripping chain can make a perfect fit for your Poulan Pro PR5020 chainsaw.

What Ripping Chain Fits a Poulan Pro Pr5020?

So, you might have ended up, to too many places looking for the correct type of ripping chain but unfortunately returned disappointed, failing to find an effective fit for your Poulan pro pr5020 chainsaw.

But do not worry we are here to get you through this. The best ripping chain that can fit a Poulan pro pr5020 is a 20″ Chain. The chain is extremely strong, durable, and weather-resistant. It provides excellent cutting with a heat-treated and hard-chromed chain which results in smooth and quick cutting. Sometimes users also opt for an 18″ ripping chain, depending on the size and the need of the chainsaw.

Archer 20″ Chainsaw Ripping Saw Chain

The ripping chain is extremely well crafted with easy and effective usage making it best to use for outdoor activities. It contributes to the chainsaw in finely cutting the required wood. The chain is a perfect fit for your Poulan pro pr5020 chain saw.

  • The chain is very easy to install and use.
  • It is weather-resistant and carries efficient functioning.
  • The chain is made up of extremely fine quality.
  • It accelerates and modifies the performance of cutting your wood.

Poulan Pro Chainsaw Chain

Poulan Pro 577180501 Standard Loop Chainsaw Chain, 20 Inches, Grey
  • Poulan Pro 20 inch chainsaw chain model 577180501 fits 20 inch Poulan Pro saws
  • 70 drive link Poulan Pro chain saw chain with 0. 375 inch pitch a . 050 inch gauge
  • A low kickback, low-vibration chain saw chain Developed to meet the specific needs of today's...
  • Great cutting performance and bore cut

The chain proves to be a perfect fit for your chainsaw that accelerates its functioning efficiently. It is extremely handy and easy to use which makes it the most recommended product among professionals. It has a great cutting performance despite being lightweight and convenient.


Ripping chains tend to be an added advantage to the chainsaw. It accelerates the cutting process and allows you to continue your practice effectively. Hence it stands as a vital part of your chainsaw. Therefore, it is important to understand the requirement in detail and find an effective fit.

We hope to have provided you with effective guidance on choosing the right ripping chain for your Poulan pro pr5020 chainsaw. But if in case you still have any questions related to the above-discussed subject then please feel free to voice it using the comment section below. We will get back to you at the earliest possible with the best knowledge available on the same.

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