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What should be included in a pool building quote?


Now that you have decided on getting a pool, you should know what to look for in a pool building quote.

Getting the pool of your choice requires proper planning with a professional builder. They have the expertise to suggest the right pool depending on your property and the intricacies of its construction.

The pool company will inspect your property and suggest the best place for the installation of a pool. Once they discuss your requirements and needs, they will come up with a quote that includes all the necessary information regarding the construction of the pool.

Before nodding yes to the quote, you should know the basics that should be included in it. Here, in this article, we will guide you through the necessary aspects that a pool quote must have and give you the best value. So let’s find them out!

Must-Haves In Your Pool Quote

Your decision regarding pool construction on your property will depend on reviewing quotes offered by various companies. Below are some essential aspects that you should look for in pool quotes.

The Cost Of Installation And Building Materials

First and foremost, you should know how much the construction and the building materials for your pool will cost you. The total cost will vary depending on the type of pool project. If you want a distinctive and opulent pool, you will have to have a higher budget.

The quality of materials used for the construction of the pool will also determine the cost you will incur.

Materials like concrete have a fixed price range, while accessories such as lights and tiles will have a completely different range depending on their uniqueness. Your quote must mention all these aspects in detail and provide an estimate of the total expenditure.

Permits For Constructing The Pool

Your pool company is usually responsible for getting pool construction permits. There are specific construction regulations, which may vary depending on the state like getting fence planters around the home because around the pool might be risky.

The permit covers several aspects of the construction process. It helps you avoid the risks associated with building a pool on your property.

The permit is proof that your property complies with the local laws and is suitable for pool construction.

Since it is your contractor’s responsibility, it also serves as proof that they have the license to carry out the job. Therefore, it might incur some costs that should be included in the quote.

Details About The Filtration And Cleaning System

Your quote must include the details about your pool’s filtration and cleaning system. Your contractor should ensure a high-quality filtration system that keeps your pool clean and in pristine condition throughout the year.

A cleaning system is essential in every pool construction as it influences the pool’s longevity and the need for repairs. It helps maintain the pH level, removes dirt, and maintains the overall health of the water, thus saving you money in the long term.

Particulars Regarding Excavation And Dirt Removal

Installing a pool requires a lot of work, including excavation and dirt removal from the site of pool construction. A detailed quote will explain the nuances of the process, including the cost of the machine, equipment, dirt disposal, and labor.

To know how to estimate the amount, the pool construction company will do a comprehensive on-site evaluation of the future pool area. The quote will include the cost of the overall process, which will help you estimate the budget of the project.

Type Of Electric Work Required

Pools need water heaters, pumps, lights, and generators. All of these require electrical work to make the network of connections using wires.

The pool company has a highly-skilled electrician who gets the job done right. A comprehensive quote includes all the expenses that might be incurred for the work.

Some of the expenses for the electrical work include the cost of materials, wiring components, permits, labor costs, and safety checks. Your contractor will also mention any additional costs that may occur during construction.

Temporary And Permanent Fencing

For safety reasons, your pool construction company will put up temporary fencing around the site. A fence can protect you from accidents if you have people in your family who don’t know how to swim. It can also prevent your furry pals from going for a dip.

You should inquire about the fencing options and get them included in the quote. The quote should mention the cost, height, and materials they will use for fencing. Since it is a matter of safety, a good pool construction company like EverClear Pools & Spas will not compromise on fencing.

Warranties and insurance

Unforeseen circumstances like weather changes can affect the construction process of your pool. Hence, your contractor must have the right insurance to cover additional expenses.

Warranties are also important as they assure you that your investment is safe once the construction process is complete.

A well-planned quote must have details regarding the insurance and warranties offered by a professional pool construction company. Also, you should discuss the available options with your contractor before beginning the pool project.

Things Not To Avoid In A Pool Quote

Your pool contractor will provide you with a comprehensive quote that includes various aspects of the construction process. However, if the quote lacks something and has some vague information, you should think twice about the choice.

So, here are some of the things you should never avoid in a pool quote.

●  Too high or too low cost

●  Inadequate details about license and insurance

●  Unnecessary additional features

●  No proper order of expenses

●  Unclear details regarding building permits

●  Little or no information about the type of materials

●  It does not mention a handover kit that includes chemicals for maintenance

Final Thoughts

Comparing quotes from several companies will help you get the best option and make the right decision. Your pool builder should provide all the benefits and disadvantages of the pool and come up with the best solution.

They should also suggest and give advice about specific features of the pool that will enhance its productivity. Taking it to a professional will help you make a fruitful investment.

Dave Petty
Dave Petty earned his Master’s in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University, focusing his 20-year career on inground pool construction and hydraulic systems. Since joining our website as a freelancer in 2020, Dave has provided insights into custom pool designs, construction techniques, and sustainability in pool maintenance. His background includes roles in architectural engineering and as a water feature designer. Beyond work, Dave is a mountain biking enthusiast and a volunteer in local water conservation projects.

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