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What Should Be Offered Grey Squirrels to Eat


Dogs are the most human-friendly animal, but if someone ever met a squirrel, they doubt the fact and the question he /she asks what to feed this squirrel who is so friendly. Squirrels are animals that are loved very easily, and people always try to love and feed them but generally, people really do not know what to feed them.

There are many things that a squirrel can eat, and there are a lot of things they do not eat. And in addition, there are so many things that humans offer them, and they eat them, but they should not eat that as it affects their health.

Yes, many of us never realize that what we offer squirrels to eat can make them unwell because squirrels almost accept everything whatever offered to them, so its responsibility for us to feed them the right food or do not feed them food that is unhealthy for them.

What to feed squirrels can be answered in a structured way to get to the right facts, so the categorization can be based on a squirrel is a pet or not. Here are the following:

What to Feed If Squirrel Is A Pet

What to Feed If Squirrel Is A Pet

There is a major difference in feeding patterns for squirrels which are pet. Generally, both pet and wild squirrels eat the same food and follow the same pattern for hibernation, but some small differences are present in pet due to human interactions.

So, the pet squirrels generally need more care towards their eating patterns as they are capable of overeating, and this can even lead to the death of squirrels. One question every squirrel master has in their mind what to feed their pet and up to which extent. Here are some of the food items which one should use to feed their pet squirrels:


When Squirrels are infants, they need milk to fulfill their need for proteins in the body which is vital for growth. For pet squirrels, the best solution can an artificial 10% goat milk concentration solution. This can be given in specified proportion according to the age of infant-like 2-5 droplets a day to infants who are younger than 10 days and will increase with age, but after 2 months, it is recommended to stop the dose of milk as it will not suit to their digestive system.


Nuts are something that a squirrel never tired of eating. Unlike all other eating items, a squirrel eats nuts for the whole year, and other eatables can be seasonal. Some of the nuts which a squirrel really liked to eat are walnuts, Groundnuts that should be at least half roasted as the raw groundnut is not suitable for their digestive system, and all other nuts can be offered to them but in limited quantity.

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Pet Food

There are a variety of pet foods for squirrel are available which should be given to them one need to know the age of the pet and then offer them food accordingly, if you do not know the age of squirrel you should consult the veterinarian before providing them pet food.

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Raw vegetables

Squirrels are tiny, and they love to bite the food in small proportion to make them healthy and provide them the right nutrition value for their growth and sustainability. Green vegetables like spinach and radish can be offered to them.

Flowers & leaf

Squirrels loved to play in greenery, and sometimes they try to eat flowers and leaves of the plant, which shows that they are likely to either prepare for hibernation or are self-fulfilling their nutrient requirement.

Corn & Wheat & Small insects

As we know, squirrels can be omnivores, and they sometimes eat small insects and pests generally in the winter season so that they can undergo the process of hibernation. They also like to eat wheat and corn.

What to Feed A Wild Squirrels

What to Feed A Wild Squirrels

, commonly, a squirrel is roaming in your backyard or garden or even inside your home as they are not much afraid of humans. Generally, humans also like these small animals hustling all around.

Many humans offer them food, and this practice is quite regular in almost every case, but feeding squirrels should be practically done with some awareness.

Whether the squirrel is wild or pet, they should feed by care equally as maybe many of the food items we offer them will fill their empty stomach but can make them unhealthy unintentionally.

To feed wild squirrels, we need to know their eating habits, and there are some items they love to eat every season and some they eat seasonally. Here are some of the food items that wild squirrels eat they are:

Farm Crops & Tree leaves

Farm Crops & Tree leaves

Generally, wild squirrels live on trees, gardens & farms where they eat the farm crops like corn, wheat, etc. and the leaves of the trees to fulfill the requirement of nutrients left from consuming other food.

Acorns & Small Insects

Wild Squirrels love to eat acorns of Oak Beech and walnut, and they eat almost every nut in every phase of the year. Rather they also eat small insects and pests, which they find on trees.

What Humans Can Offer Them

As squirrels are very friendly with humans so they can easily accept whatever the human offer to them we should take care what to offer them like we can offer groundnuts which should be roasted any source of running water so they can drink themselves and we should try to reduce human help in their survival

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What Are the Best Foods to Feed Squirrels? 

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