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What Are the Best Foods to Feed Squirrels? 

What Are the Best Foods to Feed Squirrels

Squirrels are tiny creatures that are mostly found on the branches of trees. They are quick critters and need to eat every time during the day to maintain the energy level in them.

Now, if we keep Squirrels as our pet, then we must maintain the proper amount of food that they need to eat.

So, the most important question becomes what to feed squirrels and how to get the proper food and maintain the right amount for them.

In this article, we will be focusing on the best foods that we can feed them.

Types of Foods to Feed Squirrels

Well, there are a variety of foods that are available for squirrels, and we must pick the right ones for them so that we do not feed any such thing that is not good for their energy level and health.

So, we will be taking only those foods that are the right choice for squirrels. In this list, we have come up with the easily available foods that you can feed them. Also, these are the most nutritious food that you can feed your pet squirrels.



The first and the foremost food about which everyone knows is nuts. We all know how much they like this food. The question arises that there are many different types of nuts available and which variety we should pick.

More so, it is not necessary that you must plant a nut-producing tree in your backyard, but also, you can feed them by directly purchasing them from the market.

However, if you want to plant those trees specially for them, that is well in good. We can also purchase different types of nuts from the market, and we can feed them the different varieties altogether.

The best varieties of nuts that can be fed to them include almonds, butternuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, and roasted pumpkin seeds. You must also keep in mind that few things are bad for them, including cashews, dried corn, oak seeds, sunflower seeds, and raw peanuts.

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The next variety of food that we can feed them is good for human beings as well as for squirrels. Fruits are something that the squirrels love the most. They often climb up the trees so that they can eat juicy fruits.

They like apples, apricot, bananas, blackberries, blueberries, and grapes. There are many fruits that they love, but these are easily available for you to get.

You can also plant trees of mango and oranges, and then you will see how they start living on only those trees. You can also purchase different fruits from the market and then feed them. So, fruits are the best food that you can feed the squirrels.

However, there are some fruits that you need to avoid, and they include dates, dried fruits, plums, and raisins.



Vegetables are the most suitable food for the squirrels as they contain many nutrients that are good for them, and you do not need to look for any other alternative.

If you want, you can also plant some vegetables in your backyard and leave the squirrels over there, and they will eat their food according to their needs.

More so, you can also do one thing that you purchase the required vegetables from the market and then feed them.

 Many vegetables you can feed them as they are good for their health and energy, and they include cauliflower, green beans, chicory, radishes, carrots, broccoli, leafy greens, and peas.

There are some vegetables that you need to avoid for them, and they include eggplant, dried vegetables, yams, turnips, garlic, onions, and fresh corns. These are the few things that you need to avoid for them.



Seeds are always good for squirrels as they need sharp teeth, and seeds make this job easier for them. You can always feed them pumpkin seeds as they love pumpkin seeds so much, and another important thing about pumpkin seeds is that they are nutritious and beneficial for them.

On the other hand, you must avoid dried corns, cashews, and sunflower seeds because these are harmful to the squirrels.

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