What Size File Do I Need for My Chainsaw Chain?

What Size File Do I Need for My Chainsaw Chain

If the Chain is sharp then the chainsaw will do its work but if the chain is dull, you will get yourself a dull chainsaw.

This single sentence sums up the whole scenario of the chainsaw. If you do not perform to hamper, then you will be needed to keep your chainsaw chain sharp and maintained.

So, in this article, we will be discussing how we can determine the file size and conclude it is perfect for our chainsaw.

Chainsaw File Kit

A Chainsaw file kit is a whole set of tools and requirements that you have while measuring the file size and determining which size will suit your chainsaw. If you already have several tools beforehand then you do not need to purchase this chainsaw file kit.

However, if you do not have the chainsaw tools beforehand then you can purchase the chainsaw file kit. It has numerous tools that you can take advantage of.

One tool that is known as Round File, is used to sharpen the cutting edge of the cutting bar or the cutters. This Round File needs to match the cutter’s diameter. Next is the file guide holder that keeps the Round File with consistency at the same depth. When placed at the right place, these make the chainsaw file a consistent file to ensure sharp cutting and filling.

A flat file and gauge are other tools that can be used for resetting the length of the shark fins that we also call depth gauges. The next thing is the chainsaw filling vise that you need to hold the guide bar. So, these are some of the important tools that will come along with the chainsaw file kit. Many people have these tools beforehand and so they do not buy them again with the kit.

How to Determine the File Size?

How to Determine the File Size

Till now, we have discussed how important is the chainsaw file and so now we will discuss what size chainsaw do you need? The most important thing is to match the round file to your chainsaw file and only then it can be used.

So, to determine the chainsaw file size you will be needed to know the id number or the pitch of the specific chain that is being sharped. For example, a chain with id number 73, around the file of 7/32″ will be used.

The Drive links also play a useful role in the process of determining the file size. The parts of this tool require mandatory cleaning and maintenance. The Chain id number needs to be matched properly with the drive links and the depth gauge so that the chain could be used for cutting straight.

How to Sharpen a Chainsaw File?

Well, this is a question of almost every person who is using a chainsaw. This is because a chainsaw is an electric tool that requires a lot of maintenance. Some of the maintenance requires manual work also.

Not every time the chainsaw can maintain itself. It is a tool that will require regular oiling, sharpening of blade and cutter edges, and handling with proper care. So, once you stop sharpening the chainsaw chain then the chainsaw will be of no use.

So, now we will discuss how we can manually sharpen the chainsaw chain so that it works fine without any trouble. This task has some pre-requisites also that you must follow to keep yourself safe.

As we just discussed, the chainsaw is an electric tool and before using that tool, you must wear some protection kit that is recommended to keep you safe. You must wear rubber gloves so that the electric current could not harm you. We recommend rubber gloves because rubber is an insulator that will not allow the electric current to pass through it in any way.

How to Sharpen a Chainsaw File

Now, once you are ready with your protection kit then we can start sharpening our chainsaw chain. For this, make sure that the brake is engaged and then gently clamp the guide bar in a vice.

The guide holder should be placed in between the rivets so that the chain could ensure that the arrows on the bar point towards the front side of the chain.

Once you have sharpened the cutters then you can release the brake and move the chain also. Now, you can change the side and sharpen the cutters on the other side of the chain.

Once you are done with all the cutters on either side of the chain then you can move on to the depth gauge. The depth gauge and the clutters are equally important parts of the tool that needs to be maintained thoroughly regularly.

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