What To Do with Wood Chips from Chipper

What To Do with Wood Chips from Chipper

Optimum utilization of resources is the new need of the hour and we as a community need to come together to participate in the act of sustainability. The world has already switched from a plastic toothbrush to bamboo ones and are trying to use every last bit possible.

The remaining wood chips from chipper can also be put to better use rather than just throwing them away. To increase the life of wood chipper we make sure that chipper blade sharpening happens from time to time, similarly, to increase the life of the earth we need to avoid wasting resources.

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9 Ways to Use Wood Chips from Chipper

Use them as a Mulch

One of the most obvious ways to utilize the wood chips is to use them as mulch in your backyard or in the growing areas of your garden. Caution, it’s not as easy as it sounds. There is a lot of complexity involved in executing the process. Here are a few trees that you need to pay attention to before using wood chips as mulch while–

  • Spreading them around the grown-up shrubs, exclusively around the forest garden.
  • Spreading them around wooden perennials in ornamental beds or the borders
  • Spreading them around the wild woodland areas.

However, it is not advisable to spread the freshly cut wood chips around annual crops, or annually grown fruits and vegetables.

Build up the Raised Beds

We have already made it clear that freshly cut wood chips cannot be used as mulch and that is why you can use this as an opportunity to build raised-up beds. You can do this by using a lasagna bed process. While executing this process we are actually composting in place as a compost heap.

Welcome the Hill Culture

The wood chips can be used in a somewhat distinct way in order to create new growing areas for your homestead to welcome the hill culture. Unlike lasagna gardening, we are not going to compost the brown and green material instead we will use them in a round shape. It can be one of the most important ingredients in the process.

Hot Bed can Use some Wood Chips

Wood is just like any other composite substance and it will provide enough heat once it reaches the breakdown point. When making a DIY hotbed, keep following things in mind –

  • Use the chicken manure that you can easily get from your 10 rescued chickens kept in the coop.
  • Try utilizing the top of the compost from the heap that is near the coop.
  • Use any such other materials that are available to you. Go ahead and spread the wood chips as shredded pruning from the forest garden.

Create your own Woody Path

Have you heard about Japanese gardens and their concepts? Well, they include a path made of stones and we can do the same with a twist. Instead of stones, we can use these wood chips to build the pathway in the garden and enhance the elegancy of your backyard or lawn.

However, this will require the wood chips to be of equivalent size otherwise it will look like a big horrible mistake and an even bigger mess.

Spread them Evenly in the Chicken Coop

Do you or your relatives happen to have a permanent chicken run in your backyard? Then it is the best place to spread the wood chips from the chipper. Spread these chips evenly on the ground for your flock. However, don’t use bark chips or such other inferior quality as they can break down easily, and also bark can give off spores which can affect the respiratory system of the chickens.

Bedding for your Livestock

Wood chips are a great alternative to draw out bedding for cattle and such other livestock especially when the price of straw is hiked up in your area. Here are a few benefits of using it as an alternative –

  • Wood chips produce little or maximum times no dust at all which makes it a low maintenance option.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • It is completely safe only if you exclude sharp objects and chemicals.

Let’s Make kids Play area More Fun

One can use these wood chips from the chipper to create cushioned and earthly landscaping by placing them under the swings and jungle gyms. It not only provides a soft edge to the surface but also avoids the degradation of the ground below the surface. Apply this trick and stop the heavy traffic to get converted into a muddy football ground.

Relax in the Sitting Area

A sitting can be enhanced just by adding these wood chips in the background. It not only looks authentic but will also add earthly aroma to the surrounding. This way you can also avoid mud baths around the benches. Also, you will save the extra cost that you were about to spend on that fancy patio.

You can also put partially decomposed material to use in making this sitting area. This might differ depending on the type of wood chip you choose.


There are numerous ways in which you use wood chips from chipper instead of dumping them. You can also try and get more creative while working with the wood chips. For more such articles, keep browsing through our blogs and utilize the resources up to the maximum capacity.

William Eames
William Eames, with a background in industrial design brings over 18 years of experience in design and architecture. He joined our editorial team in 2019, offering insights into design trends and architectural innovations. Before this, William ran his design studio and lectured at various universities. His hobbies include photography and sustainable gardening, reflecting his commitment to aesthetics and the environment.

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