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How Big Should a Chicken Coop Door Be 

How Big Should a Chicken Coop Door Be 

Do you know how big your chicken coop should be? Confused because it is the very first time you are designing a coop? I absolutely understand that it is not easy to build a perfect chicken coop right the first time.

But do remember that once you have committed a mistake while building the coop, it is really very difficult to fix those mistakes down the street. Anyway, as it is just a simple and a little chicken coop, you only need to make a few things right, like the size and the height.

Make sure that your coop is a fully secure one. Read the article below to know the details of what a chicken coop should be like!

So, what do you all think about how you should all design a coop door? Let me answer the question – a perfect chicken coop door should be ten inches wide, and the height should be maintained between ten to thirteen inches. The door should swing outwards away from the chicken coop and be at least six inches above the earth.



Roosters prefer larger doors than usual because these creatures are bigger in size than the hens. So, it would be best if you built a chicken coop very minutely by considering every factor in your mind!

Suppose if you are planning to keep roosters inside the coops, then definitely you need to build larger chicken coops rather than the above-mentioned dimensions.

The height of the doors matters in such cases a lot.

And ignoring everything, if you plan to keep the hens and the roosters under the same roof, then disappointingly, your roosters face a bit of a problem getting inside the coops because it is a tight squeeze for them.

Is It Necessary to Maintain the Appropriate Dimensions to Build a Chicken Coop Door?

Of course, it is necessary to maintain the above-mentioned dimensions to build the coop doors! This is done to protect the chickens from the harmful elements present on the earth’s surface.

This also helps the chickens to stay safe from the attacking and the ferocious predators.

Most importantly, the chickens prefer privacy, especially when laying eggs, so at no cost, you can imagine human-sized doors for your chickens. It never caters to privacy.

Never leave the doors of the coops open, particularly during the winter season, because it is not at all one of the good chicken coop door ideas and has got a bad impact on the chickens because by doing this, you invite snow, chilly winds, or rain inside the coops. To keep the chickens healthy, you must maintain a dry coop.

Wet coops may lead to several problems, and by this, the chickens inside may fall ill.

So, the human-sized doors may harm the chickens living inside the coops if not kill.

And still, if you prefer to have so, make sure that your chickens are safe inside.

Is It Important to Close a Chicken Coop Door?

Is It Important to Close a Chicken Coop Door

Yes, it is significant to do so! If not during the morning hours, you definitely need to close the coop door at night, starting from the evening whenever it starts to become dark.

Closing the doors is important because this activity saves the hens from predators like dogs, snakes, or foxes, who especially appear during the nighttime.

Such kinds of activities take place in the dark and of course, there are several animals found, who love to eat chicken and therefore they will not miss a golden opportunity if they find open coop doors.

Weather is also an issue, as already mentioned above. The hens are safer at dry places, so in no way can you take a chance to leave your chicken coop doors open, preferably during the nighttime. If you still prefer to open the coop doors, do perform the activity at daylight right in front of your eyes, so that by chance, if anything goes wrong, you can save your hens.

The Perfect Chicken Coop Door Size

Yeah, you all already know the coop door size, but as I said, considering several factors is important too to build a perfect chicken coop door. Before building one, you need to keep in your mind whether any roosters will stay inside the coops along with the chickens or not.

Secondly and most importantly, you need to know the correct size of the chicken breeds which you are willing to keep inside the coop!

So, if you are building your first chicken coop door, it might not be a perfect one, but after reading this article, I feel that you all are guided in a better way!

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