Commercial buildings are designed to fulfill a certain purpose. That could be to house office workers or attract customers. Regardless, a commercial space must be inviting, safe, and comfortable for all who enter and interact within it.

Windows are important for any building, but particularly so for commercial spaces. In recent times, we’re seeing an increasing use of electric window openers on commercial buildings. Why is this? What kind of benefits can they offer? Let’s find out.

They’re More Convenient Than Traditional Windows

Traditional windows that have to be opened manually are fast becoming obsolete. The mechanisms used to open them can often degrade and become difficult or even impossible to open. The last thing you want to be doing while you’re busy at work is struggling to get a window open.

What’s more, windows in commercial spaces can often be in high, inaccessible places. A window pole or a ladder might need to be used to open these kinds of windows, with many people choosing not to bother opening them at all.

This is why electric windows are becoming so popular, they can be opened and closed with ease. Electric windows can even be controlled remotely, meaning you can open or close them from the comfort of your desk and will never need to contend with a stubborn, stiff mechanism.

They can be Used for Climate Control

If you are a business owner, keeping the staff in your commercial space happy should be your number one priority. Happy employees are productive employees, so you should be doing everything you can to ensure your staff are comfortable while at work.

Being too hot or too cold while at work can have a detrimental impact on performance. You need to find a way of controlling the climate in your commercial building during the heat of summer and the cold of winter. One of the most effective ways to do this is through the use of electric windows. They can be shut immediately if employees complain about being too cold or opened wide to air out a hot and stuffy office.

They can be Automated

Our lives are becoming increasingly integrated with digital devices and smart technology. These systems offer us an unprecedented level of convenience and are rapidly changing how we live our everyday lives.

If you choose to install electric windows on your commercial building, these too can be integrated with smart technology. This means your windows can be programmed to respond to specific stimuli or to follow predesignated patterns.

For example, you could set them to automatically close at certain times of day or night. Or you could instruct them to open or close based on environmental factors such as the temperature or the level of moisture in the air. Doing so will mean you can let the windows take care of themselves while you concentrate on your work.


Electric windows are becoming commonplace on commercial buildings, and it’s easy to see why. They can offer us a range of incredible benefits and are far more convenient and accessible than traditional windows.


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