Why Do Plants Grow Towards Light?

Why Do Plants Grow Towards Light

The plants always grow in the direction of light and it is very evident in almost every plant, but we all generally do not notice this, and if we notice we have this question in our mind why plants grow in the direction of light and how? the perfect phenomena behind this are the stimuli of the growth in plant tissue.

The sunlight helps the plants to complete their process of photosynthesis due to which plants produce their food and also tend to grow, as the sunlight falls from the upward direction most of the time so the plant cells and tissues tend to grow more in the upward direction as they move in the direction of light.

The plants grow in the direction of light that means it is not mandatory that they require sunlight for growth, in the case of indoor farming and plantation the plants and the stem growth in the direction of grow light due to the phenomena of stimuli which implies that the cells and tissue growth in the direction of energy as the root grows downward in the direction of water and the stems grow towards the direction of light.

The plants grow towards the light but in indoor plants which lights are best led vs fluorescent grow lights let’s find out:

1.  Which Lights Is Suitable for Upward Growth

Both the grow lights i.e., the LED lights and the fluorescent lights can be used for upward growth in the plants and the stems, the only difference between them can be the effectiveness and efficiency of the lights. The LED lights are a bit more effective and efficient as they have full-spectrum and need less energy, on the other hand, the fluorescent lights are more effective on the plants that need less and slow growth as the spectrum of the fluorescent light is less than LED lights which are ideal for slow and steady growth.

2. Lights Used When Plants Grows Sideways

Lights Used When Plants Grows Sideways

The position and the types of lights are different in the case of plants that grow sideways or running plants, as the running plants has flexible stems that do not stand upright from the ground and it grow sideways in a zigzag position for this the placement of the lights are different from normal indoor plants, the lights are placed either diagonal or on the sideways of the plants which will make them grow easily, in case of outdoor running plants they generally grow with the support of wall or support from other plants to stand and grow.

3.  How Plants Reacts Towards Grow Lights

Plants grow on the phenomena called stimuli based on which stem cells and tissues grow in the direction of energy they receive for making their food and completing the process of photosynthesis, in the case of indoor planting the plants get the same energy as sunlight from the grow light so they grow in the direction of grow lights and also the grow lights are placed upward from the plants which makes them a perfect substitute of the sunlight and makes the natural growth of the plants.


We can conclude that the plants naturally grow towards the direction of light irrespective of the fact that the light comes from sunlight or from grow lights, the result will be the same as the cells and tissues of the plants grow in the direction of energy.

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