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How To Hang a Grow Light?

How To Hang a Grow Light

Light can make or break a plant. One might think all day alone about how to create a way that gives enough light for the healthy growth of the plants. If you still didn’t figure it out then you are at the right place.

One of the best ways to provide enough light is by hanging grow lights from the rooftop or ceiling. Lights have that aura to change the atmosphere of a place. To get started there are steps to be followed to get the best result possible.

To help everyone out there to hang grow lights on their own the steps are written simply and easily. Before we get to know the steps in detail one has to plan their installation very well. This guide is for “grow room” roomers only.

The basic step before the main action is to plan your grow room which includes the amount of light required for plants, the method used for hanging grow lights, and the material used. The most important factor to be checked twice is the budget for the process. Note down everything once done as it helps during the main process.

Unless you are an expert in this field it is best to consult an agricultural officer around your area before choosing the type of light. Choosing the correct light is crucial as each one has pros and cons which might affect plant growth. Once you completed the basic step then you are good to go ahead in the main process.

Procedure To Hang Grow Lights from The Ceiling

It contains five basic steps which from start to end. After reading the steps in detail one can hang the grow lights which helps the plant’s growth read carefully:

Choose The Right Place on The Ceiling

The need for locating the right place on the ceiling to ensure that grow lights do not fall. Grow lights are very heavy which requires a firm and stud place. To find the right place use a “stud finder”. Move the stud finder here and there on the ceiling until a beep is heard. A beep is a signal that the perfect place is found and mark that place. It is available in online and offline mediums.

Choose The Right Place on The Ceiling

Drill Holes on The Spot

Once the spot is identified the next step is to drill the holes which are dependent on the system being used for hanging the lights. There are two ways we are talking about. One is to hang the grow lights directly through hooks on the ceiling. This is for the light systems which are not heavy. The other one is to install a joist for heavier light systems. Mark the points with a pen or pencil for accuracy.

Install Joist for Light-Reflector Combo and Hooks for Lights

The most important step in the process as everything relies on the outcome of this step. So please pay more attention and care while reading this step. To choose between the hooks for grow lights or light reflector combo consider the number of plants that require light, their current growth stage and how distant your plant canopy is? Once considered going for either of the two options.

For instance, you choose the joist for the light-reflector combo the detailed installation guide is below.

Install Joist for Light-Reflector Combo

 A light reflector combo is too heavy as it weighs between 12-20 pounds. Such heavy light reflector combos cannot be hanged with hooks because it is dangerous. To hang such a heavy light reflector combo on the ceiling install a joist that is made of wood.

Things required for wood joist installation are

  • A DIY wood joist frame.
  • Joist hangers (Available in online stores like Amazon etc.)

Once the installation is finished you can set up the hook screw and place the light reflector combos. The wood joist can withstand the heavy light combo and hang easily.

Install Hooks for Light Steps

Install Hooks for Light Steps:

  • Place the hook screw in the hole which is drilled in the earlier step.
  • Tighten the screw by rotating in a clockwise direction with your fingers.
  • Stop twisting once it is done.

Set Up a Light Hanger or Rope Ratchet:

Once the installation step is completed it’s time to figure out a way to place the ropes because of the height of the lights. The need for controlling the height is to make sure that plants get the light all the time required. To make it easy the ropes are placed on the hangers. There are two ways of placing the ropes which covers “Rope Rachet: or “Yo-Yo hangers”.

Rope Ratchets:

In the market, there are two types to choose from. One is a-3/8 inches and the other is a1/4 inches nylon rope rachets. 3/8 inches is for a less-weight light system. 1/4 inches is for a heavyweight light system. Both types are available in online and offline stores. Use the steps mentioned above for installation.

Hanging The Light System:

The next step is to hang the light system over the rope support. Please be careful while hanging it as it can destroy everything. Ensure the proper balance is maintained between the hanging systems. Suspend the lights in a way that there is enough height that can provide light to long areas in your grow tent. Different watts of grow lights produce a different number of heat while hung on plants. The heights are different for each grow light. Look at the below example for suggested heights between LED VS Fluorescent grow lights.

Fluorescent Grow Lights: About 5” from the plants.

LED Grow Lights: About 5” to 20” away from the plants.

Additional Tips:

  • If the ceiling is drywall, then use an electric drilling machine to drill holes.
  • Read the instructions on the label before you use a drilling machine.
  • If the ceiling is a wooden type, use a nail gun just once the joist is installed.
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