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Why Does a Chicken Coop Have 2 Doors? Explained

Why Does a Chicken Coop Have 2 Doors? Explained

Humans have crawled and roamed this earth for more than 2.5 million years. If you are good at both maths and history (or even mediocre at both), it will not be hard for you to be amazed. That is a lot of time. 

The early humans did not have a great idea about what is around, so they ventured across the globe searching for food, water, and better climatic conditions. They wandered and wandered.

It was only 5000 years ago in 3300BCE when the first human civilization started. Before this, humans did not have a place to reside along within a civilized and. Socialized manner.

From then, we have evidence proving that civilization’s tradition and culture-expanded and expanded further until it became omnipresent.

The reason behind telling this story. Anything may not be early, but it will become omnipresent and then a necessity one day. Chickens, too, like humans, have existed for a more extensive period. But it has been very recent for them to have experienced their physical dwelling. 

Yes, we are talking about chicken coops. Chicken coops are physical structures that are meant for residing chickens and collecting eggs. Chicken coops are just like homes but for chickens. They are made from anything and everything that people find useful. 

Today we have chicken coops made of wood, nets, aluminum sheets, brick and mortar, bamboo, straws, and many other things. Though being made of different materials, the end goal is to accommodate the chickens.

Features of Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop


Chicken coops are built according to the number of chickens that it must accommodate. If it must accommodate many hens, it must be large, but if it only must accommodate a few chickens, the size can be small.


The cost of building a chicken coop depends on the fact that what materials are used to construct it, how many chickens it has to accommodate, the size of the chicken coop that you are planning to build, and who is going to build it. 

If you are using expensive materials, then the cost will rise, if the size is significant, then the cost will jump, and also if you have hired a professional to build it for you, it will be costly.

Both DIY and Hired

You can build the chicken coop both by yourself and by hiring experts and professionals to do so. As already discussed, hiring a professional will cost you more than doing it by yourself.

But there is also another side to this. When you hire a professional, there are fewer chances of the project going south. You also will consider hiring professionals if you have a tight schedule.

Where Do You Live

If you happen to live in a village, you might own big plots of land and engage in farming. So, you will need a bigger chicken coop for commercial purposes, and you will also have a more significant area to support your plan.


A chicken coop has multiple doors, most likely two. Why does a chicken coop have two doors? We are going to save it for later. Chicken coops(ready-made) generally come with two doors. Even when you are making one on your own, you are expected to keep the number of doors equal to two or above that.

So, these are some of the standard features and things to keep in mind while building or outsourcing, or to buy a chicken coop. Some of the attributes like size, budget, design, area, number of chickens, your business, your residence, etc., are going to help you decide on a chicken coop.

Now that we know that chicken coops are basically for chickens what house is for us, let us discuss some of its advantages.

Benefits of Chicken

Chicken Coop 2

Some benefits of chicken coops are:


As already mentioned, a chicken coop is to chicken what a house is to us; we get the primary and first benefit that a chicken coop offers. Chicken coop gives shelter to your hens. It provides a secure and warm place where they can relax and lay eggs.


Just like our houses, chicken coops, by offering shelter, also protect your hens from a lot of threats that may concern you.

Threats like getting eaten or stolen by a predator, getting sick from the excess cold outside, getting protected from heavy rainfalls might be concerning if you live in a moisture-rich place and from other bad weather conditions.


If you rear chickens just for your hobby, then a chicken coop will help you support that hobby and increase the satisfaction level.

When you see that the chickens are comfortably sleeping or resting, you feel elated, and that is all because of the chicken coop you have given to them.

Healthy Chickens

The chicken coop will protect your hens from adverse climatic conditions, and by doing that, it will make sure that your hens do not catch any fever. Your hens catching fever would be the last thing you would ever wish for in your life, and it will be one of your nightmares. 

There are a lot of reasons behind this. For one, hens are tiny animals that have weak immunity as compared to us. And the second reason is that the disease caught by one bird could spread among other birds in a minimal amount of time.

Good Quality Eggs

When you grow chickens carefully with proper care (and of course love), keep them protected from diseases and provide them with proper nutrients, then it is evident that you will be getting good quality in return.

A healthy chicken will always give you proper sized, good quality eggs that you will otherwise find hard to get in stores or anywhere else.

Why Does a Chicken Coop Have Two Doors?

Now that we have a good idea about a chicken coop, its features, and its benefits, let us jump to an even more interesting and much-awaited question: Why does a chicken coop have two doors.

A chicken coop is just like a typical house, the only difference being that they are meant for chickens and not humans. Do we have one door in our houses? No right? We have multiple doors in our house, so why will a chicken coop only have one door. But this is not a convincing reason behind the chicken coop having two doors.

So, why does a chicken coop have two doors? Why on earth? There is a straightforward reason behind this. Let us find out.

A door in the chicken door is present for letting the chicken in and out of the coop when it is time. This door is more convenient for the chickens to get in and get out. This door could either be manually controlled, or sometimes it is even automatic. It is bigger and broader as compared to other doors. 

The second door is not for chickens, but it is for the owner’s use, which is you, as we all are aware of the maintenance costs and requirements while petting an animal. The case with chickens is no different; instead, it is even worse in their case.

Hens drop inside the coop itself, and to make sure that the coop is hygienic and comfortable for them, it is important to clean in regular intervals. Otherwise, it can become a huge mess that I am sure you don’t want. 

So, here is the reason why a chicken coop has two doors. The second door is used to clean all the chicken droppings and collect the eggs of the chicken without any trouble.

Considering the purpose of the second door, it is essential to place this second door in the right and convenient position so that it is easy for you to clean and collect the coop’s eggs.

So, now that you know why a chicken coop has two doors, you are in the right position to answer to anybody else why it is so.

There is also one more answer that you can give to a person when he asks you why a chicken coop has two doors. If the doors had been four, we would call it a chicken sedan! Got it? See the pun.


Even though the joke was not that funny, I guess the information shared before was funny, and I mean helpful. Now you know why a chicken coop has two doors.

Two doors are mandatory for a chicken coop, but that does not mean there should only be two doors. There can be more doors too.

A third door can be made to let the chickens inside the run netted from the outside. This is quite common.

If you buy a chicken coop from the market, always check for the size, the material used, and most importantly, the number of doors it has.

And when making one on your own, always make sure to plan it first on a piece of paper and decide how many doors you require. Give your little ladies a right home.

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Cesar Millan holds a Master’s in Animal Behavior from Cornell University, dedicating his 11-year career to understanding and improving the human-animal bond. Since joining our website in 2022, Cesar has provided insights into pet care, behavior modification, and animal communication. His background includes roles in animal research and as a professional dog trainer. Cesar’s previous roles included working as a veterinarian and animal behaviorist. Cesar is an avid wildlife photographer in his leisure time and participates in conservation education programs.

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