Woodchippers: How Dangerous Is It?

Woodchippers How Dangerous Is It

Woodchipper is also known as tree chipper. It is a machine used to create smaller wood chips from big trunks. This machine is easy to use and very portable. The internal combustion engine is powerful. It provides 3 to 1,000 horsepower to the woodchipper. Thus, making it more work-friendly.

In this article, there are two main topics covered; the first part of this article talks about the dangers of woodchipper below. The second part talks about the cost of renting the chipper.

Is Woodchipper Dangerous?

Though these woodchippers are helpful. They can also be dangerous in several ways if misused. There is nothing to be worried about because there are several rules you should look after. Let us look at tips to avoid harm and stay safe even while using a chipper.

Using Loose Items Is Strictly Forbidden.

While using a woodchipper, you should always wear fitted clothes instead of loose clothes because loose clothes might get pulled off towards the blade of a chipper, and avoid wearing any supplements while using a woodchipper. And tie up your hair if it is long enough to get damaged.

You Should Wear Protective Equipment

Before you start work, remember to wear safety gear always to avoid any harm to your body. Ensure that any unwanted particles do not bother your eyes. Use safety glasses to keep your eyes protected. Also, to protect your head, you would require wearing a hat. So that the wood pieces or other huge particles do not harm your head. And, put on good-quality safety boots to keep your feet protected.

Start With Loading Light-Weighted Wood

To avoid the risk of injury, put small pieces of wood into the chipper. As the woodchipper machine starts, it increases its speed and can discharge the stuff backward, so avoid putting in large pieces of wood.

You Should Be Fed the Chipper Carefully

You will need a broomstick or pole to push stuff into the woodchipper machine. This will help in the prevention of injury by not moving hands near the blade. Never let your engrossment disconnect while feeding stuff. stay focused and be careful.

Cleanliness First

The area where the woodchipper is being used should be kept clean before and after the process. If you always keep it clean, it will avoid any injury and pain.

Things To Consider Before Getting a Woodchipper

Things To Consider Before Getting a Woodchipper

Engine Shift

This is the first thing to check before renting a chipper, the power of the engine. The stronger its engine is, the more capable a machine would be.

Reduction Ratio

This is the ratio that measures the number of wood chips produced. As per the experts, the best ratio for a woodchipper should be 10:1.

Type Of Chipper

So, chippers are of two types, one is manual, and another one is automatic. In manual chipper, you would require pushing in the wood using a stick or hands. Whereas, in a reflex chipper, wood is pushed in automatically. It is recommended to use a robot like a woodchipper to reduce effort. Each type of Wood Chipper comes with different pricing, so you should also consider how much does it cost to rent a wood chipper.

Power Source

There are different power sources such as gas, fuel, or electricity. Choose the one which is suitable for you. But it is recommended to use gas chippers because they are easily accessible and do not require a plug-in facility.

Woodchipper Construction

Some chippers are made from heavy construction stuff, which is very effective and efficient. It is recommended for you to check the stuff used in a chipper before renting it so that the longingness is maintained for a longer period.

Weight and Size

Larger woodchippers are expensive and require numerous licensing work. Whereas smaller chippers are easy to handle and do not require additional licensing for transport.

Throat Size

If the debris is very thick and requires heavy cleaning, then consider renting a woodchipper whose throat size is larger.


As we conclude the topic, we have understood that woodchippers are dangerous, but not for those who use them by taking all the precautions and safety measures. Wood chippers are the most convenient and easily accessible device for your garden. Though renting a chipper might be a little expensive, it is worth the price paid. You should always wear protective gear before using the chipper and take help from someone because the chipper should not be used alone. If you are not a trained person, then use the chipper under guidance without risking your life.

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