How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Woodchipper?

How Much Would Rent a Woodchipper Cost?

The trees are something too essential for nature, and the whole ecosystem should not be cut down needlessly.

However, there are times when some of them have to be taken down, be it because the tree was too big in the backyard and blocking the sun, strong winds made some tree break in such a way that it would be too dangerous to leave it hanging and needs to be cut down, or there is some other reason to clear out trees from a patch of land, such as for construction purposes.

In many such cases, the trees that have been cut down need to be transported from the spot. That is where woodchippers come into play, as they chip them down enough to make them easily transportable.

Woodchippers can be seen in many such places where trees were cut down. Therefore, people get their requirements for a woodchipper, and buy one can get too costly, especially for just one or two-time use. Renting is the best thing to do in such cases.

Consider the Following Things Before Renting a Woodchipper

Wood Chipper

The Woodchipper’s Power and Cylinder Size

A giant cylinder means more power.This, in turn, also means more space inside the Chipper to put more giant trees. Overall, the bigger the machine, the cylinder is, the more power it will have, and so more efficiently it will chop down the trees faster and handle bigger ones with ease.

Chipping Ratio

This means how small the chipped wood would be once it passes through the machine. A ratio of 10:1 denotes that for a set of 10 blocks of wood, one block of chipping will be manufactured.

Types of Woodchippers

Types of Wood Chipper

There are two types of chippers available: the self-feeders and the manual ones. As the name suggests, the manual Woodchippers are where the wood is pushed inside the machine manually.

Meanwhile, the self-feeders are the ones that suck in the wood automatically once it is put inside. The self-feeding woodchippers save some effort that can be utilized elsewhere, so they should be preferred more whenever available.

Size of the Throat:

The throat size should be more prominent; the thicker the debris will be from the wood. That means the density of the wood should be known and other things that will be going inside the Chipper.

Dimensions and Weight:

The size of the woodchipper is directly proportional to the expenses. That means the more significant the whole machine is, the heavier it will be, and the more the expenses will be on transportation and rent.

Smaller ones can be moved around easily in comparison, using just a tow-truck. Getting a license for transportation will be necessary for the big ones, whereas it will not be the case for the smaller woodchippers in most areas.

Power Supply for The Chipper:

Power Supply for The Chipper

It is better to decide whether a gas-powered wood chipper will be used or one that needs to be plugged into some electricity outlet. The gas-powered ones are more portable. Therefore, if there is no electricity outlet or external source nearby, a gas chipper is a better option.

In the market, there are chippers available for rent that run on diesel as well. However, they make more noise. The electricity run chippers are silent in comparison. So, it all comes down to the neighborhood, personal choices, and availability.

Woodchipper that can be ‘Towed’ or ‘Tracked’?

This should be a question that should be given thought for sure. In the areas where the land is rough, trackable chippers are more convenient. Whereas towable are better since they provide more portability, the answer is clear if the Chipper needs to move frequently. In any case, it depends on what is available and what suits the need.

Woodchippers Have Either Discs or Drums

Chippers with discs provide much more efficiency. They are energy efficient, can take in and chip the vines in the backyard very quickly. It will do the same with all the other wood that will go in.

Renting a Woodchipper

Woodchippers can be rented from the below-listed places: –

  • A Local Rental Shop
  • A Home Depot
  • Online Websites such as United Rentals and Sunbelt

How Much Will It Cost?

The price of rental services differs from state to state, especially in local rental shops and home depots.

To give an idea, in the Midwestern states, it can cost around $17 per hour to rent a Woodchipper. The price gets lower when renting for a whole day, going as much as $90 to $100.

Rental services also provide the facility of renting a chipper for an entire week or month. That will cost more than $300 and more than $1000, respectively.

These are just average projections of Midwestern States, and the prices can vary from time to time, and state to state, depending on various factors and availability. Delivery Charges are added separately for these.


Renting the Chipper from Depot, Pennsylvania, can cost around $18 per hour and $99 for the entire day. $396 for an entire week of rental. It will cost 1,188 dollars to rent the woodchipper for a whole month. The delivery charge is $69 for one way.

The prices are somewhat the same in other places as well when getting from a Home Depot. However, in some Home Depots on the West Coast, the deposit fee is $150.

In renting from local shops, it will cost more—approximately $33 for one hour of service for a six-inch version chipper. The prices go higher only when the timeline increases, going as high as 165 dollars for eight hours and $740 for a week, and $1850 for an entire month.

It is much more than what it would cost at a home depot, and availability is also limited in these cases. Most of the time, either smaller ones are not available or the bigger ones.

In places such as Florida and nearby places, the cost of renting can differ a lot as well. There it can cost $325 per day for the six-inch variant.

In Massachusetts, renting the same six-inch Chipper can cost $ 270 per day, while in Arizona, it is around $420 (and $160 a day for the two-inch variant).

Somethings to Know Before Renting a Woodchipper

The first inconvenience that comes with renting a woodchipper is finding a company that provides rental services for the woodchippers. It is not readily available everywhere. There is no guarantee a rental woodchipper can be found in the city or town one needs it.

Then, even if one finds a rental service, the second inconvenience that might arise is finding the right size, shape, type, and all the Chipper.

The perfect one for the job might not always be available anywhere close to the location. In such cases, combined with how frequently the Chipper will be needed, buying one would be more suitable.

There are discrepancies in what is displayed in the images and what gets delivered, at times, when renting online. Then there is the deposit that needs to be done before renting.

That is directly proportional to the machine’s cost; therefore, if the machine is too costly, the deposit might go higher than what the budget allows.

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