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10 Reasons to Choose a Cordless String Trimmer

Functioning of a regular string trimmer

An enormous lawn area, a pool-side barbeque, and lots of birds. Such scenarios sound like the perfect place for relaxation, don’t they? But wait. What if the lawn area is overgrown? You will need a weed trimmer to eat off all the excess grass and allow your feet to breathe. A string trimmer cares for the green patches and makes them presentable, a small, cornered yard or a full-fledged lawn.

A string trimmer is an instrument to cut grass and weeds, even in the most difficult to access lawn areas. This instrument offers the benefits of edger’s and mowers simultaneously and typically come in three types, gas-power, battery-power, and electric. Most grass-cutting tools have a problem with movement. But string trimmers like the Worx gt2 trimmer offer you a quick remedy to this problem with the help of dual positioning wheels. Moreover, string trimmers are portable and environmentally friendly.

Worx GT Revolution 20V 12" String Trimmer Grass Trimmer/Edger/Mini-Mower, WG170.9
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  • AUTOMATIC FRESH LINE Proprietary Command Feed tech lets you add more line as needed, just by pushing...
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  • SAME BATTERY, EXPANDABLE POWER The same battery powers over 75 plus 20V, 40V, and 80V lifestyle,...
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Why Choose a Cordless String Trimmer?

A cordless string trimmer is a boon to ease out functionality. It has many options available and cuts through the grass in a matter of moments. It is soundless and environment-friendly. It offers easy user handleability and is not at all heavy but is powerful.

Though it provides a lesser battery than conventional gas trimmers, you have scope for modification. You can exchange the existing batteries for powerful ones or charge the cordless string trimmer overnight to finish work the next day. Apart from these, a cordless string trimmer comes with many advantages, as listed below.


A cordless trimmer does not have any strings attached to limit its movement and create difficulties for the user. Hence, it offers greater portability. It helps the user cut off the grass from spaces that might sound redundant and difficult to access, like fence posts, flower beds, and rock patches.

Environment – Friendly

A cordless string trimmer does not require gas, nor does it burn up your stock of essential and combustible natural fossil fuels. It runs by a battery and hence, does not emit fumes, poisonous gas, or smoke. Indifference from its alternative of gas trimmers, a cordless string trimmer is perfectly noiseless. It does not create sound pollution, is vibration-less, and does not scare the birds. They are so silent that your neighbors will not even know that you are trimming grass.

More Power

A Cordless String Trimmer

Is you one busy gardener who shifts from work to the office every day and finds very little time to mow the lawn? Your lawn might be dealing with a bigger fuss too. From thick grass to bushes, overgrown vegetation poses a problem for the greens. For your aid, the cordless string trimmer offers more power and cuts through grass rapidly. The blades are very sturdy and durable, and you will not need to worry about the damage.

Can Cover any Distance.

If you have a vast lawn and the corded trimmer does not reach every nook and corner of your green patch, a cordless one will come to your rescue. It has nothing that will cut off its movements and, you can easily carry it anywhere within your site.

Easy Movement

Apart from an easy movement with no strings attached, cordless trimmers move around you and your site. You will not have to worry about fixed items such as your cars and seating and, you can adjust the trimmer to suit your purpose. Movement is one of the biggest reasons to switch to a cordless string trimmer.


A cordless trimmer runs on battery and has no additional fuss. Thus, its weight reduces drastically and offers comfort. Lightweight and flexible nature improves both the work quality and speed and gives a better-finished output. Moreover, it does not vibrate as a gas trimmer does. It is a good thing for the bodies of most people.

WORX WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare 12" Cordless String Trimmer & Edger with Power Share Turbine...
  • KIT INCLUDES- WORX Power Share Grass Trimmer and Blower, 2 20V Power Share Batteries, and a charger
  • TRIMMER & EDGER 2-in-1- Easily converts from a string trimmer to a wheel edger in just seconds
  • INSTANT LINE FEED- Innovative push button Command Feed spool system for instant line feeding. Plus,...
  • BLOWER'S WIDE STRONG STREAM OF AIR- 470 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) come streaming out of this...
  • BLOWER RUNS ON (2) 20V BATTERIES- We make 20V TURBINES, too, but we wanted to see what a 40V version...

Easy initialization

, Unlike gas trimmers that require a couple of minutes to warm up, a battery-operated cordless trimmer can begin with work immediately. The design saves the initial time and fusses to take the trimmer, fill it with gas and wait till it warms up.

Less Maintenance

Once you finish cutting, you require little to no maintenance for a cordless string trimmer. Just clear the debris, let the battery charge and, you can stop. Most of the batteries will charge up in two hours, so keep that much time handy.

Replaceable Batteries

A cordless string trimmer leaves the room open for modification and, you can switch batteries between use. You can also stock up additional batteries. A battery goes a long way off in cutting your run-time. Such practice helps mammoth lawn owners, especially as they keep a battery for charging, use another, and continue work in a single stance.

Ergonomic Handles

Cordless string trimmers have specially designed handles that help friction and make it easier to maneuver. It merges well with the natural posture of the human body to ease out muscle fatigue and prevent injuries.


Cordless string trimmers are surprisingly user-friendly and require no special care, both while setting up and post-work maintenance. They have an easy assembly and are suitable for patios. Most of them have a rechargeable 12-volt battery that frees the unit from unwanted extensions, strings, gases, and oils. Though battery recharge has a minor disadvantage, you can overcome it by buying spare batteries to save time. Thus, a cordless string trimmer is a must-buy.

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