10 Ways to Have More Fun on the Golf Course

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Golf is a beloved sport that has captivated players and fans for centuries. Known as the “gentleman’s game,” golf offers a challenging test of skill and strategy played across sprawling, picturesque courses. It’s no wonder over 25 million people play golf regularly in the United States alone. With origins dating back to 15th century Scotland, golf has a rich history and enduring popularity.

In particular, the state of Utah has seen a golf renaissance in recent years. According to The Salt Lake Tribune, the number of golfers in Utah has grown in the last decade, with 250,000 people participating in golf at Utah’s courses in 2021. This growth is likely driven by the increasing number of high-quality, scenic golf courses across the state, especially in southern Utah, St. George. The area boasts several championship golf courses that wind through canyons and red rock formations. In fact, St. George has the highest concentration of golf courses per capita in the state of Utah, with over 10 pristine courses. Golfers from across the region and country travel to play these nationally-ranked courses.

With so many excellent golf courses to choose from, how can you make sure your time on the links is as fun and enjoyable as possible? Here are ten ways to get the most out of your next round of golf:

Play Different Courses

It’s easy to get into a routine of playing the same local course over and over. But switching up which courses you play adds excitement and variety to your golf game. One such destination to consider is the beautiful St. George, Utah. Known for its picturesque landscape and year-round sunshine, St. George has become a mecca for golfers.

The St. George golf courses are particularly renowned for their scenic beauty and challenging layouts. Look to play courses with different layouts, terrain, scenery, and levels of difficulty. Driving a bit farther to play a new course, especially in places as captivating as St. George, helps make golf feel like an adventure.

Play with Friends

Golf is infinitely more enjoyable when you play with friends. The camaraderie, friendly competition, and laughs shared with buddies over 18 holes are part of what makes golf so fun. Try setting up a weekly tee time with a regular group or enter a tournament with friends. Just being able to chat and spend time together out on the course makes the game much more memorable.

Compete for Bragging Rights

Injecting some friendly competition into your round can help energize your game. Wager a few dollars per hole or play a ‘match play’ with a friend. Or keep a season-long points competition for bragging rights. Adding small stakes or mini-competitions keeps everyone engaged.

Take Part in Events

Sign up for member tournaments, couples leagues, or demo days at your club or local courses. Participating in organized golf events is a great way to enhance your sense of community and have fun playing with new people. These events also give you goals to practice for and look forward to each season.

Play at Twilight

Late afternoon or early evening is one of the most underrated times to play golf. The lowering sunlight adds drama and beauty to the course. The pace of play speeds up with fewer golfers on the course. And the cooling temperatures make walking the course even more pleasant. Next time you want a peaceful, scenic round, tee off at twilight.

Try New Equipment

Experimenting with the latest golf equipment can inject excitement into your game. Try out game-improvement irons, high-tech drivers, or new golf balls designed for more distance. Use new launch monitors and club fitting technology to dial in your equipment. Part of golf’s appeal is constantly striving to improve through new innovations.

Take a Golf Trip

Traveling to play at new courses is a fun way to get out of your golfing comfort zone. Plan a buddies’ trip to iconic golf destinations. Or explore courses closer to home that you’ve always wanted to try. Playing on vacation helps recharge your passion for the game.

Play Games on the Course

Modify your normal stroke play with fun golf games that add variety and friendly competition. For example, play a scramble format where all players hit drives and then pick the best for the next shot. Or play a match where your opponent gets to pick which of your clubs you have to use. Incorporating new games makes the round more social and enjoyable.

Take Lessons

Working on your game with a teaching pro is a great way to develop skills and have more fun playing golf. Take a lesson, attend a clinic, or go through a fitting to improve different aspects of your game. Setting goals to fix your slice, get up and down more, or dial in your driver will give you a sense of accomplishment.

Focus on Enjoyment

At the end of the day, maintaining the proper mindset focused on enjoyment is key to having fun on the course. Don’t put pressure on yourself over scores or get frustrated over bad shots. Instead, concentrate on the beautiful surroundings, time spent outside, and camaraderie with your playing partners. Keeping golf in perspective ensures you’ll have a great time.


With its scenic courses, fresh air, and social atmosphere, golf is inherently fun. But taking steps to inject more variety, friendly competition, and excitement into your rounds will help you enjoy the game even more. Whether you’re playing your home course or traveling to iconic destinations, keep the focus on making lasting memories and having a great time with friends old and new. If you keep fun as your top priority and try some of these tips, you’re sure to get the most out of every golf outing.

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