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21 Amazing Chicken Coop Nesting Box Ideas

21 Amazing Chicken Coop Nesting Box Ideas

As a hen keeper, it is essential to know which type of nest box is best for your hens. Nesting boxes are made to protect the hen and their eggs from outdoor endangerments.

Chicken and their eggs are essential for fertility, so; hen keepers do their best to protect them.

Nesting boxes are essential in an area where there are many chicken coops.

But this thing is not necessary if you have a small amount, but you want to make nesting boxes easy to make from scratch.

Here, we discuss the 21 best ideas to make a chicken coop nesting box.

Chicken Coop Nesting Box Ideas

Nesting boxes typically provide protection as well as rest to your hen. But finding out the best way to provide facilities for your hen is relatively easy. There are many forms of nesting boxes that can facilitate your poultry from.

1. Wooden Chicken Box

Wooden Chicken Box

Wooden boxes are much more reliable for placing chicken coops. They are easy to make and safe to use. This is the easiest method if you have a tight budget and want to make a chicken coop nesting box.

2. Pail Nesting Box

Pail Nesting Box

This is another easiest method for making chicken coop nesting boxes. If you have old pails or buckets in your home, you can merge them and make a beautiful nesting box for your chickens. Here you can see how easy it is to make a chicken coop nesting box.

3. Homely Nesting Box

Homely Nesting Box

Here is another unique method for decorating the existing nest box. If you already have a nesting box and it is in rough form, you can decorate it with fabrics. You made curtains on boxes, and it will give a nice look. This is a simple form of the rustic chicken coop nesting box.

4. Crucible Nesting Box

Crucible Nesting Box

This is a simple and most comfortable box if you have many chickens but a tight budget. You buy plastic bowls and put them in a safe place where your chickens can quickly access and lay eggs. This is a plastic bowl method for making nesting boxes.

5. Recycled Nesting Box

Recycled Nesting Box

If you have a creative mind, you can quickly get ideas for making things. Old and useless things can become useful by recycling them. If you have a broken or old television in your home, you can convert it into a chicken coop nesting box. If you have old plastic bags or any other plastic thing, you can convert them into nesting boxes with little effort.

6. Plastic Storage Pot

Plastic Storage Pot

Things made by plastic are easily recoverable, but if not, you can make many other things by them. Plastic storage pots are available in every home. You can use it for making nesting boxes. You do not need to make any DIY from it. Please pick it up and place it where the hen used to lay.

7. Bookshelf as a Nesting Box

This sounds crazy, but it is also one of the best and cheapest ideas for making a nesting box. You can place old bookshelves in place of chickens, and they can easily find them. It is a practical idea in the winter season because it gives them Sunshine. It is also useful in summer as it gives air etc.

8. Large Tire Nesting Box

Large Tire Nesting Box

The tires of large vehicles are too big. If they become useless, You can use them as a nesting box for your chickens. You cut them off if they are new, but you can use them as such if they are old and already used. These tires serve as nesting boxes if used wisely. See how easy it is to use them.

9. Chest of Drawers

Chest of Drawers

You can use an old dressing table as your nesting box for chickens. It can also provide plenty of purposes. It provides shade and darkness, which are weak points of laying of hens.

10. Alloy Nesting Box

Alloy Nesting Box

Here is another excellent idea for making a nesting box if you are willing to spend some money. You can make a nesting box; you can use steel or any other metal. This is the best idea because it is easy for the owner to clean or sanitize the steel. If it is placed in the dark, it also provides cooling.

11. Large Space Ringed Box

Large Space Ringed Box

If you have plenty of chickens but have small space, you can adjust them all in that place. Pick a place with a roof and put metal rings around it as walls. Now push all the chickens into it. They can live quickly and safely.

12. Hijacker Nesting Box

Hijacker Nesting Box

Here is another simple method for making a temporary nesting box. If you have a broken bucket, you put some grass in it, and the nest is ready. Chickens would lay eggs there, and after that, they went to their place.

13. Nesting Cushions

Nesting Cushions

Nesting cushions are readily available and are very useful for laying hens. You can place them, and when the chicken lays, you can pick it.

14. Ready-Made Nesting Box

Ready-Made Nesting Box

If you are so busy and do not have enough time to make boxes, you can easily buy them. Artificial boxes are provided with a lot of facilities. They are also water-resistant. Prevent chickens from dangerous animals. Chickens remain very comfortable in them.

15. Rolled out Nesting Box.

Rolled out Nesting Box

They are also ready-made boxes. You can buy them from any poultry store. They serve just like the drawers of the dressing table. You can pick eggs by rolling out the boxes.

16. Flowerpot Nesting Box

Flowerpot Nesting Box

If you have old and empty flowering pots, you can connect them or in an aligning position or in the position you want, and they serve as a nesting box for your chickens. The best facility is that they are portable for you. You can place them anywhere you want.

17. Artificial Wooden Coop

Artificial Wooden Coop

Woods are an essential part of our life. You can make and use many things from it. For Your chicken, the artificial wooden coop is also present. You can buy and use them efficiently.

18. Greenhouse Nesting Box

Greenhouse Nesting Box

It is a great idea to put your chickens in a greenhouse-type box. They are also available in the market. They take time to build them by themselves. So, it is wise to buy them from any poultry shop and provide your birds a heat-free environment.

19. DIY Nesting Box

DIY Nesting Box

There are a lot of DIY ideas to make nesting boxes. You can use any old plastic or rubber thing. Just mold it into the form you want. Just look around your home, and you can find plenty of things to make boxes for your chickens.

20. Modern Nesting Box

Modern Nesting Box

You can make or buy modern nesting boxes with little effort. If you want to make it, you would have to find a creative idea, some money, a suitable place, and a lot of time. But if you buy it, it takes merely money and can serve many purposes. Modern nesting boxes look very pretty and attract chickens.

21. Nesting box in 10 minutes

Nesting box in 10 minutes

You can make a simple triangular nesting box with just three wooden slides. You can join them in a triangular shape, and the middle of them can serve as a nesting box for your chickens. The above methods are very easy and straightforward as well as time-saving for You.

Last Thinking

Chickens love to sit in that place where there is silence, coldness, colorful, hidden, etc. If you want to grow them effectively, provide them all the facilities they want.

First, you must provide them protection from predators. Fear is not suitable for anyone. Provide them protection. Then provide them necessary facilities like food, water, etc.

Then provide them the environment in which they are comfortable. All these facilities require a lot of time and effort. But nowadays, this is not time-taking activity.

The only thing you need to do is build a nesting box for them. By building it, you can provide the essential things in it. There is no fear of being prayed by predators.

There is no wastage of food and water inside the nest. There is no seasoning effect on them by remaining inside it. Nesting boxes also protect their eggs, and in other words, they enhance fertility. You can buy or make any nesting box according to your need in various types of nesting boxes.

They are available in every size and shape. If you have enough time, you can make them on your own. It means it is all in one facility.

Protection of Your birds and providing them with the best environment should be your primary goal if you are their owner or if you trade with them because, in return, they are giving you benefits.

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