Whether you have moved into your home fairly recently or you have lived there for some time, one thing is certain: you want to channel your inner DIYer and spruce up the place a bit.

While you are excited to put on the tool belt, head to the local home improvement store and get busy on your casa, you are actually not quite sure what you should tackle first.

To inspire you to get going on making your home more beautiful and functional, check out the following three DIY projects:

Add Storage to Your Kitchen

Over the last year, you’ve spent a lot of time at home and have really upped your cooking skills and come up with various home storage ideas. You’ve purchased some new appliances like a bread maker and standing mixer and now you realize you need to add some new storage options.

Start by using unclaimed wall or corner spaces to store frequently used cookware, dishes and/or spices. If you are looking forward to entertaining again, you could also add a wine rack either underneath the cabinets or mounted to the side.

Other storage options include a skinny shelf on wheels that will slide into the space between the refrigerator and the counters—perfect for extra canned good storage—a hanging rack for your pots and pans, and maybe some hooks on the walls for mugs and your most-used tools.

Automate Your Home

For DIYers who adore the latest and greatest tech gadgets, installing some smart home automation devices to your abode would be a worthwhile and fun project that can also save you time and money.

In case you are wondering “what is home automation and what is a smart home?” they are much more than an Alexa device telling funny jokes on command or the Amazon Echo letting you know the current temperature. Home automation lets you connect and control compatible smart devices with one common app.

This means that you can manage smart thermostats, lights, appliances and security systems from pretty much anywhere—as long as you have a WiFi connection. Some of these smart home basics include the ability to turn off the lights in the kitchen once you are in bed or watch a live feed of your home from a smart security camera.

Bring in More Natural Light

Finding ways to improve the natural light in your home is another great DIY idea. If you have the skills and experience to do so, you could replace old windows with larger floor-to-ceiling windows in at least one room, or consider adding a skylight to the kitchen or bathroom. Windows that are covered with either heavy old drapes or thick wooden shutters could also be replaced with cordless blinds that are sheer or lightly colored.

Another effective way to add some light to your home is with white walls. If you’re over your brick red accent wall or the deep blue family room, prime and paint these spaces white and your home will automatically look brighter and bigger. And when it’s a rainy season, you can build rain barrels.

Enjoy the Projects and the Results

You are to be commended for wanting to tackle some projects around your home and to make it a more user-friendly and more attractive place to live. By starting with adding much-needed storage space and looking for ways to add in light to then investing in and installing home automation devices, your home will look great and be a more efficient space.


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