3 Meditation Techniques To Try At The Comfort Of Your Home


Meditation has a widespread practice of training the mind throughout human history. It’s the opposite approach of going through the motions. Instead, meditation is about being in tune with your senses and maintaining an awareness of your train of thought.

Historically, the focus of those who practiced meditation was on deepening their understanding and knowledge of sacred and mystical forces. Nowadays, however, meditation is a holistic approach that’s typically performed to facilitate relaxation. It’s straightforward and inexpensive; you don’t need any special equipment to incorporate meditation into your regular wellness routine. Just sit in your backyard between the beautiful fence planters and practice the art of breathing.

Meditation Benefits

If you’re able to practice meditation consistently, it can help improve your overall health and well-being. For instance, meditation helps in achieving mental clarity, understanding your inner thoughts, increasing self-awareness, relieving anxiety, boosting patience and tolerance, opening your third eye, and more.

Moreover, several studies have reported that meditation can help you manage blood pressure, sleep problems, and even chronic pain. It’s also claimed that the practice can help you ward off depression and cope with other serious illnesses.

When it comes to more immediate effects, meditating will provide you with an opportunity to gradually steer away from your current burdens, relish inner peace, and decrease stress.

Meditation Techniques

Considering all these benefits, you might be pumped to try meditation. The good news is that meditating can be done nearly anywhere—at home, in the office, in the library, or anywhere comfortable.

If you’ve never tried it before, you may find meditating to be quite challenging. However, there are several meditation techniques and activities you can try as you get started. To show you, consider the following meditation techniques:

1. Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation encourages you to observe your wandering thoughts as they arise and move in particular patterns. Your role is only to observe them as they pass by. Don’t try to judge and make sense of these thoughts. Through this technique, you’ll be able to train your mind to stop being preoccupied with the past or stressing about the future.

When successful in performing mindfulness meditation, you can attain calmness and tranquility by focusing on the present moment. It’s a great activity to lean on during your downtime, when you’re about to perform in public, or simply when you need a moment to relax before returning to the daily hustle. It may even help relieve stress and beat anxiety.

While the first few attempts can be challenging and quite discouraging, take note that repetition and consistency will help you progress. At times, your mind will normally wander as it wasn’t conditioned to be still. Instead of getting stressed out about this, practice observing your thoughts without reacting and creating expectations of how you should complete the activity.

Over time, this meditation technique can help you become more aware of your inclination to judge experiences based on how it’s immediately perceived by the mind. With constant dedication and practice, this technique can help you pay attention to your breathing, be still, and achieve awareness.

Moreover, even after meditating in your room, you can continue practicing mindfulness throughout your day. For instance, if you can concentrate on washing your car, doing the laundry, and sweeping the floor without your thoughts drifting off, you’re already strengthening the habit.

Similar to other popular meditation techniques, practicing mindfulness meditation doesn’t compel you to purchase any equipment. All you need is to block off time within the day to find and stay in a convenient spot wherever you are and begin taking deep breaths. If you’re new to this, you can meditate for a few minutes until you’re already comfortable extending it to ten minutes or so.

However, if you want to have a few candles and essential oils nearby, you’re free to do so. Some of these tools might help you concentrate and achieve a tranquil state.

2. Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is a technique that’s best suited to people who find it challenging to sit still and be present with their thoughts. It’s a wonderful option that helps you become in tune with the present moment by listening to your teacher’s voice.

In guided meditations, an experienced and credible teacher guides you through the fundamentals of the practice. This can be through meditation apps, pre-recorded videos, or in person. This meditation method is particularly helpful for beginners who are struggling to maximize their meditation experience. If you learn about the short-term benefits of this technique, you’ll most likely want to show up to a guided meditation session and stay motivated to stay consistent with your routine.

Typically, in guided meditation sessions, you’ll be asked to imagine yourself in a happy and peaceful place. Apart from visualizations, your teacher will lead you to explore different aspects of yourself and various themes. For instance, guided meditations revolving around cultivating gratitude can help you reflect on small and big victories you’ve accomplished, the people in your life, and more. It helps foster positive emotions, shift your perspective, minimize stress levels, and instill calmness.

This approach is similar to mantra meditations, where you’re encouraged to repeat and say out loud positive phrases and affirmations. By concentrating on these thoughts, you’ll slowly begin to believe and manifest them in your life.

For instance, with a script that’s focused on gaining confidence in your talents, the mantra can help you overcome false and limiting beliefs. Consequently, this can empower you to reach your potential.

If you’re new to guided meditation, explore different teachers, tones, and digital applications to figure out the meditation style and platform that matches your preferences.

3. Sound Meditation

Female in headphones sits at front of laptop and breathing. Online audio meditation concept

For some people, following someone else’s instructions can get distracting. For others, sitting in silence can lead them to fall asleep, especially if they’re meditating after a long day at work. Hence, if you’re not fond of listening to silence or someone else’s voice, try sound meditation.

Sound meditation allows you to choose your own music. Typically, people opt for uplifting nature sounds such as crashing waves, falling raindrops, waterfalls, and chirping birds in the forest.

Alternatively, you can listen to instrumental music, chimes, or ambient sounds. All these can help you gradually shift your mind into a harmonious state.

Final Thoughts

Because of its wide use and potential benefits, meditation can now be practiced using several effective techniques in the comfort of your own space. While the mentioned techniques quite vary, they have one goal—to help you achieve awareness and relaxation. With all these wonderful options, you can now find a meditation style that matches your goals and motivates you to stay consistent with the practice.

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