5 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Concrete Floor Finish


Every homeowner dreams of building an amazing home while lowering their costs. You want to have an attractive home but on budget. Achieving this goal goes back to minimizing your spending on construction materials. You need to go for high quality materials yet economical and affordable.

Concrete stands out as the best choice when it comes to cost-minimization. This building material works perfect for foundations, floors, and all outdoor structures. However, the greyish color of concrete is not always amazing. If you want your house to be colorful, you must tweak it using different concrete floor finishes.

When it comes to finishing selection, many things go into it. You must consider the opinions of professional flooring expert in various aspects to avoid making errors and get the best option. Here are some factors to consider:

Desired appearance

Appearance is a great aspect to consider when selecting floor finishes. How you want your floor to look is crucial in this process. The floor needs to be attractive and aesthetic, especially when choosing for enclosed patios. However, there are different concrete finishing materials in the market. These materials vary in color, shape, and design.

Choose a concrete floor finish that matches your taste. For instance, if you desire a shiny floor, epoxy or polyurethane finish can be a good idea. Acid staining will be another option for people seeking colorful floors. So, before picking a floor finish, determine whether it is in line with your desirable appearance.


When applying a finishing on your concrete floors, you want them to be durable. You are seeking for material that will live longer like the concrete slab. The chosen material should withstand the normal wear and tear.

Also, it should resist weathering aspects such as loads and decaying. Durability should be one of the aspects you should consider in your selection process. The rule of thumb is go for a finishing material that has the same lifespan with your slab. This way, you will save money and the floor will serve you for decades.

The required cost

Different finishing option has its accrued cost. An asphalt finish will not cost you the same with polished concrete. In the same way, a plain concrete will have a varying cost with epoxy finish. Understanding the cost you need to incur to have a particular finish will help you budget wisely.

Also, the budget can vary depending on the quality and durability of the material you are applying. Your floor finishing estimations should consider aspects such as material, type of building, and floor usage. Considering these elements will ensure you have the right budget to perform your finishing efficiently.

Hardness and resistance

Hardness and resistance are other essential elements to determine the type of flooring material to use for finishing works. Good material should be hard enough to withstand wear and tear. Also, it should stand against dent formation when you are loading furniture or machinery.

Resistance is the next thing to consider. Good finish should be damp and fire resistant. Your floor should not have damp and mold formation despite being in wet areas. Also, it should not burn. With such material, you won’t worry about the floor catching fire or getting burnt.


No doubt, you want your room to be clean and tidy. The finish material selection will determine this aspect. The right material should be easy to clean and stainless. Your floor should not be absorbent. This means that it will not absorb any elements poured on it.

Some finishing materials absorb any liquid, oil, and grease element. Such materials make it hard to clean your floors. So, go for material that is easy to clean and does not allow stain formation.

In a word, choosing the right concrete floor finish can be tricky. You need to ensure it meets your desired appearance while it remains durable. Also, the material must withstand corrosion and normal wear and tear. It should be stainless and easy to clean. So, consider these aspects to get a good finish for your home.

Noah Eastwood
Noah Eastwood has been a part of various flooring design projects and has a rich history of over 15 years in the industry. After graduating with a degree in Interior Design from the Pratt Institute, he quickly gained recognition for his innovative use of sustainable materials. Since joining our team as a freelancer in 2019, Noah has become a go-to expert for eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing flooring solutions. When not working, he dedicates time to writing articles on emerging trends in floor design and enjoys woodworking, creating custom pieces for local clients.

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