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5 Fresh Ideas to Decorate your Dorm Room in 2021


A beautiful dorm room is inspiring while you study. It will also provide the most relaxing environment after a tough day in class. A college dorm is the place where you create beautiful memories about your experience in school. Decorating it creates a personal space where you can fill with your spirit.

It is mundane to use the same decor splashed on the walls of all student rooms in the college. Leaving in a room with plain walls makes your college life dull and will stop you from generating inspiring thesis topics for your academic papers. How can you decorate your room differently in 2021? Here are a few tips to consider.

  • Draw Your Dreams

The room is the place you will wake up every morning and return at the end of the day. What better features to see than images or people who inspire you to follow your dreams? These inspirations range from inventions to accomplishments and awards. Paste the wall with images of your dream employer or the vehicle you wish to buy in future.

Images and features that remind you of your dreams will be an inspiration. They give you the energy required to work hard and follow those dreams. By evening, you will have a reminder that you must chase the dreams regardless of how difficult your day could have been. The décor serves as inspiration as well as objects of beauty.

  • Paste Your Heroes

Who are the people who inspire you the most? Is it a sportsman who has beaten all odds to be the best in the game? Do you have a scientist whose invention inspires you to pursue a particular career? Is your parent the hero you would like to emulate? Add their images on the wall or on surfaces round the room.

The walls and surfaces in your room may also include quotes by these heroes. From a student’s perspective, the best dorm decoration is one that plays multiple roles. For instance, if your mother, father, background, or guardian remains in sight, you will forever work hard to achieve your goals. The quotes and lessons from your heroes keep you working hard every day of your college life.

  • Use Life Plants

Plants are an element of life to any room. The room ceases to become static since the flowers will bloom in different seasons as the plant grows. Luckily, there are numerous plants you can choose from to decorate your dorm room and if you are a DIYer then you can make your own diy tower garden.

Plans are unique when used as décor because they bring the space to life. Unlike wall murals and wallpapers, plants grow and will produce flowers in different seasons. It changes the appearance of your space, giving it a new depth as well as dimension.

Choose plants that require little maintenance so that your attention does not go into caring for the plant instead of your academic work. Avoid plants that may cause allergic reactions or bring insects into the room. You have a wide range of plants to choose from when picking a plant to decorate your dorm room and you can also go with some small indoor plant hangers as well.

  • Play With Lighting

Light helps to create a spectacle indoor when they are designed professionally. Use your creativity and invest in a few LED bulbs and strips. Place the bulbs on walls and hidden spaces to bring them to life. For instance, put light under the bed to chase away darkness and create a new depth.

LED lighting décor is very cheap and easy to install. The bulbs and lighting strips come in multiple colors, helping you to bring your décor ideas to life. Beyond decorating the room, light creates a feeling of a larger space. You will use the same lighting equipment for ordinary lighting.

Creative lighting helps you to build a unique atmosphere around the room. You choose a different effect for morning, daytime, and at night. You may also change lighting effects based on the season. With a bit of creativity, you will never go wrong with lighting.

  • Choose a Theme

Create a consistent appearance in your room by choosing a theme. The theme will be seen in your décor, furniture, carpet, curtains, and other installations you make in the room. The theme may be inspired by your dreams, passion, nature, area of study, and such other elements.

The theme may be captured in colors, objects placed strategically around the room, lighting, fittings like curtains or the carpet, and such other elements of the room. It gives your room a unique feel that people will identify you with. A theme also helps you to maintain consistent décor around the room.

Decorating a college dorm room gives you a comfortable and beautiful space to study or rest. Make choices that inspire calmness and that will rhyme with your personality. It only takes creativity to decorate the room without spending a fortune.

Ethan Carter
Ethan Carter, a distinguished alumnus of the Rhode Island School of Design, holds a Bachelor's in Graphic Design. With over 12 years of experience in the creative industry, Ethan has worked with various design studios and advertising agencies. He joined our team in 2020, bringing a wealth of knowledge in visual storytelling and brand development. His passion for aesthetics and functionality is evident in his articles, which have been a part of our website. When not crafting inspiring content, Ethan enjoys photography and exploring urban landscapes.

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