What Is a Mosquito Fogger, and Do They Really Work?

What Is A Mosquito Fogger, and Do They Work?

Zika virus outbreak in African countries, one of the six public health emergencies of the decade and malaria, dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever, etc. are diseases that cause millions of deaths every year. 

The carrier of these diseases is expected, i.e., mosquitoes- the deadliest insect in the world. So, the next thing you got to do is keep yourselves away from this insect. 

Whenever you organize a get-together in your backyard, you get worried about these tiny insects before the kind of food you will cook because it could ruin your perfect evening with ease.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to get rid of mosquitoes is spreading insecticides, but to put it effectively in your garden is the challenge. Mosquito foggers are a suitable device to accomplish this mission.

Do Mosquito Foggers Work?

Man Using Mosquito Frogger

Mosquito fogger is a device that generates fine mist from insecticide solution so that you can spray it out. It can be useful to repel or kill the mosquitoes for 72 hours.  There are two types of mosquito fogger in the market,

  • Ultra-Low Volume Fogger (cold fogger) or,
  • Thermal Fogger.

These could be operated either through electricity or gas like propane-powered foggers.

Do mosquito foggers work everywhere? No. 

The cold fogger is quite suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. It does not require a heating assembly to operate but uses air pressure to atomize a fogging solution. It produces almost invisible droplets, thus, helpful in avoiding traffic hazards. Its average price starts around $200 and can rise to $1000+, depending on the fogger’s power, capacity, and functionality. 

Best ULV Foggers in The Market:

1. Alpha work ULV Sprayer 3GAL Mist Blower

This is an amazon choice product with more than a 4-star rating at an affordable price of $249. It is built for high-speed aerosol distribution, fast diffusion, and intense penetration. The fogger is powered by 1200w electricity with maximum horizontal and vertical coverage of 5-6m and 1.5-2m, respectively.

AlphaWorks ULV Fogger Backpack Sprayer, 3 Gal, Corded 120V - for Lawn/Garden, Hydroponics,...
  • PROFESSIONAL SPECS - Our ULV Fogger Sprayer is powered by a 1200W 110VAC electric motor achieving,...
  • SUPERIOR DESIGN - Built for high speed aerosol distribution, fast diffusion, and strong penetration;...
  • BEST APPLICATION - Made to excel in large area spraying and is effective for evaporative cooling of...
  • SAFETY - Always wear hand, eye and breathing protection when operating the ULV Fogger. Keep all...

And the best part is you can adjust the droplets’ size according to the area, whether you are outdoor or indoor. It is perfect for a one-time purchase and will last you for a long time. If you are skeptical and wonder– do mosquito foggers work, this one will probably answer all your doubts effectively.

2. Fogmaster Jr. Handheld Fogger

This spraying machine is powered by electricity, unlike the Alpha work mentioned above. It is lightweight, portable, and great for deodorizing as well as pest control. With a coverage capacity of 5-10 feet, this small unit is quite handy and suitable for indoor use.

OdoBan Fogmaster Jr. Electric Handheld Fogger for Odor Control and Deodorizing Teal
  • Versatile Product: The Fogmaster Jr. is a small handheld electric fogger and has many uses, among...
  • Where to Use: This product is great for use in helping control harsh aromas in hotels, motels,...
  • Ideal For: This fogger is also perfect for eliminating smoke smell and pet odors from the air.
  • Adjustable Mist: Has an adjustable fogging particle size from 15-40 microns.
  • Tank Capacity: The resevoir tank is easy to fill and has a capacity of 1 quart. Made of...

With more than four stars, this fogger costs $300, not much if you want to be disease-free and healthy.

3. iPihsius 2.6-GAL Backpack Fogger

This highly rated; portable backpack fogger can cover up to 39.5 ft. It is an electrostatic sprayer with a professional electric ULV fogger with high speed and more comprehensive coverage. Its diffusion is very fast in the atmosphere, and its penetration is also intense. Ipihsius fogger is suitable for public places, schools, gardens, etc. with its pricing at $239. You can add it to your essentials when you plan a picnic or trekking in the forest.

A thermal mosquito fogger is a device that uses heat to vaporize the solution. It is more productive for your outer space. Thermal fogger creates a denser cloud of fog that can reach a hard-to-reach place as well. Same as ULV, it is also available with two options to operate, i.e., electricity-based and propane-based models. You can read its 100+ positive reviews to determine– do mosquito foggers work.

Here are some options for Thermal Foggers too.

4. Black Flag 90107 Electric Insect Fogger

Black Flag Fogger is a user friendly, lightweight device to keep mosquitoes away from you. It is very affordable as well and would cost you only $136.

Black Flag 190107 Electric Insect Fogger for Killing and Repelling Mosquitoes, Flies, and Flying...
  • The same effective system used by professionals to kill mosquitoes.
  • Kills and repels mosquitoes, biting files, and flying insects for up to 6 hours
  • Treats an average 5,000 square foot yard in less than 10 minutes
  • Everyone can enter the treated area as soon as the fog disperses (typically less than 5 minutes)
  • Easy to use - just plug it in. Ideal for patios and decks.

On average, it can treat 5000sq ft in 10 minutes and repel insect infestation for straight 6 hours. Thus, even though it is less rated, its simple construction with an igniter bottom makes it of great value at such a price.

This electricity-oriented device will not be a burden unless you have an extension.

5. Repel Propane Insect Fogger

This device would kill mosquitoes and other insects immediately and is extremely useful and long-lasting as well. The machine is small, light, and very easy to use as it does not need electricity, so no need for panicking over the small wire these devices usually have. It uses propane for accomplishing its effectiveness.

It can use tall and short canisters as well, with 14.1 oz and 16.1oz, respectively. Its fog floats and penetrates deep into landscaped areas that mosquitoes use as hideouts. This is achieved through the microscopic particle it produces, and it is up to 7 times finer than mist.

Repel 190397 Propane Insect Fogger for Mosquitoes, Flies, and Flying Insects in Your Campsite or...
  • Repel Foggers give you immediate, effective, long lasting control of mosquitoes and flies
  • Ideal for use before backyard picnics, barbeques, outdoor parties, pool parties and special events
  • Fog in minutes and be bug free for hours
  • Commercial, high-efficiency pump can be served with no tools
  • Dispenses 10-foot cone of odorless fog to immediately clear bugs from area; 1-year

It produces an insect-free zone for 6 hours within 5 minutes of its application and remains so with no unpleasant smell. It can treat up to 5000 sq ft within 10 minutes but can only be used outside.

6. Nixalite IGEBA TF-35 Pulse Jet Thermal Fogger

A very professional mosquito fogger is made up of high-quality stainless-steel material. Its durable material gives no chance of occurrence of any hazard.

It has an original and reliable ignition system that allows you to turn it on and off quickly. The machine is lightweight, and the handy pulse jet thermal fogger is efficient in applying 42 liters of the solution in one hour.

No products found.

This product can effectively disinfect large areas like poultry, livestock containment, etc.

Again, Do Mosquito Foggers Work?

Mosquito Frogger

Mosquito foggers could kill the mosquito more effectively than any other device. It kills or repels those insects which come in direct contact with the fog. However, it does not affect the larva or is not a permanent solution.

It creates thick and tiny droplets, 2-60 micrometers in size, a height, and more secure areas. These insecticides penetrate the lawn, grasses, or shrubs depending upon the thickness richness of the fog. Thermal foggers usually produce a thicker mist than ULV foggers. ULV produces invisible fog; thus, if inhaled by a person, and it could be hazardous.

Moreover, mosquito fogger is much more effective than other devices available in the market like electric mosquito killers, mosquito trappers, mosquito vacuum, etc. It covers a much larger area than any other means and for a more extended period.

It can keep the area mosquito-free for up to 12 hours, which is enough for any outdoor activity, e.g., a get-together, barbeque, or picnic. But you cannot use it daily as it also kills other insects which are essential for nature.

If you will consider using it inside of your home, beware of the device’s information. Thus, thermal foggers get heated, causing fire, or inhalation of insecticides daily is not healthy for human health. It could lead to lung diseases, asthma, or whatnot.

If you want to get rid of these nasty creatures, a mosquito fogger is one of the best solutions.

Do mosquito foggers work? Yes. It guarantees 90% mosquito reduction within the 1st week of the treatment. But it also depends upon the kind of insecticide solution you are using in it.

One of the crucial suggestions about the fogger model is that thermal fogger is more effective for outdoor usage as it produces thick, white to grey colored fog; thus, do not use it inside of your house.

The cold fogger is best suited for indoors. While keeping in mind the limitations it has, like regular use of insecticides can make the mosquito resistant, and you can use this device to save yourself and loved ones from dangerous diseases the mosquitoes carry.

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