5 Ways Smart Devices Can Save you Money


Investing in smart home devices might require upfront costs. But did you know that by making your home smarter, you can drastically reduce your monthly utility bills? With smart technology, you can also beef up your home security and prevent fire accidents, floods, and other unexpected disasters.

Many smart home devices are equipped with monitoring features that can be accessed through a smartphone app. From smart thermostats, lighting controls, to home equipment, setting up a smart home device will allow full control of your consumption from the palm of your hand.

Here, we have summarized how you can exponentially reduce your monthly energy bills when smart devices run your home. So, read on!

1. Heating or cooling specific house areas

One of the many issues with our HVAC systems is uneven cooling or heating. Some rooms can be cooler than the other parts of the house, resulting in unequal levels of comfort. Different family members might also have different temperature needs. For example, senior family members might not tolerate cooler room temperatures while a baby can be sensitive to temperature changes.

Thankfully, smart vents can solve this dilemma by allowing air circulation to the trickiest parts of your home. Smart vents are also designed to make automated adjustments in order to reach the desired levels of temperatures. The devices have embedded proximity and motion sensors to detect activities in a room, so there is no need to adjust your heating and cooling units manually.

2. Automated temperature control

The science behind thermostats is pretty straightforward – it simply switches the central heating system on or off to maintain the desired temperature levels in your home. You only need to set the temperature settings on the device to achieve a comfortable indoor climate that suits all your family members.

For most households in the US, a thermostat might seem like a basic device. But did you know that it can also greatly impact your monthly energy bills? And, instead of manually setting the device, what if your thermostat could automatically learn your daily routines, stay updated with weather conditions, or determine if your home is about to be occupied? Wouldn’t it be cool?

Smart thermostats are a nice upgrade if you want to significantly reduce your monthly energy costs. Since these devices are equipped with smart features, you can efficiently manage the use of your heating and cooling systems without compromising everybody’s comfort. On top of that, most smart thermostats can be accessed through a smartphone, allowing you to check on your monthly energy usage and control your devices remotely.

3. Promote efficient use of electricity

Unplug all gadgets and turn the TV off before leaving the room! Sounds familiar? As young kids, we were often told about the importance of saving energy. And as adults, it is now our time to pass the same teachings to our children, not only for the sake of saving energy but also to prevent electrical-related fire accidents.

Thankfully, with smart plugs, occupancy sensors, and motion sensors, you will no longer need to trek across the entire house to look for the remote or go downstairs to ensure that the television is off. Smart technology does all the automation for you, from remote monitoring to switching your devices when not in use. This, in return, will help save energy and money in the long run.

4. Automated lighting control

Household lights are one of the most inefficient devices at home. If you are forgetful about flipping your light switch off before leaving the house, the bad habit can significantly increase your energy consumption. More often than not, checking the lights in every room is also a big hassle. But what if there is a way to solve these inefficiencies?

Smart lighting control systems provide you the ease of reducing your energy usage by automating your lights. These smart lights are designed with motion sensors and software so they can make decisions and follow schedules according to your routines. You can also control the lights remotely depending on the room’s occupancy, and adjust the brightness to further save on electricity.

Lastly, since the lights are automated, you don’t need to flip the switch at night if you need to go to the kitchen.You will not only enjoy energy savings but also convenience.

5. Reduce wasted water

Curious about how to cut your monthly high water bills? Then you’re in luck! Thanks to technological advancements, you can now kickstart your water savings efforts to reduce your monthly water costs.

For example, you can replace your traditional faucets and showerheads with smart low-flow models to reduce water consumption by up to 50 percent. These devices are also embedded with smart sensors to automatically regulate the amount of water used for showering, cleaning, or drinking.

Smart devices can also detect leaks around pipes and manage your garden sprinklers efficiently. For example, you can instantly receive notifications at the first sign of leaks or flooding. If the weather forecast tells you that heavy rain is coming, your sprinklers will not turn on. Newer models of these smart devices can react to weather changes in real time, hence, making your water conservation efforts a breeze.

Key Takeaways

Intelligence, safety, and convenience – these are just some of the perks of having a smart home. By having full control of your devices, you can significantly cut your monthly energy costs without compromising your comfort.

So if you feel like your utility bills are taking a huge portion of your paycheck, then it might be the right time to make your home a little smarter.

Sandy Jensen
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