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6 Simple Steps to Change Sno Tek Snowblower Oil

Sno Tek Snowblower

Changing the oil in a piece of equipment is crucial to its overall performance and durability. Engine oil gets contaminated irrespective of the frequency and degree of usage. Even if you use the machine lightly or resort to heavy usage, the oil inside is sure to become dirty.

This degradation of oil is detrimental to the overall performance of the machine. Therefore, one must change the oil regularly.

Like any other machine, snowblowers also require regular oil changes. Not doing so can reduce its lifespan or invite expensive repairs. The procedure to carry out an oil change is provided in detail in the user manual.

If you have misplaced the manual or are looking for a simpler version of the directory, worry not. Here is how you can change the engine oil in a Sno Tek Snowblower. 

  1. Warm It Up – The first thing you will have to do is run the machine for several minutes. This will warm up the oil inside.
  2. Cool It Down – As the oil warms up, other parts of the snowblower will also heat up. Turn the machine off and unplug the wire. Keep the machine on a level surface. Make sure you have removed the key and wait until the parts cool down.
  3. Drain The Oil – Locate the plug that drains oil and place an oil drain pan beneath it. Remove the plug once the pan is secured and let the oil drain. Re-plug once the oil drains out. Ensure that the plug is tight.
  4. Refill With Fresh Oil – Oil is refilled in the separate oil fill port of a machine. Locate that port. Make sure that you have verified which type of engine oil works best for your snowblower. Sno Tek Snowblower typically requires the 5W-30 type of engine oil. Fill the suitable engine oil into the oil fill port of your snowblower.
  5. Check The Quantity – Pay attention to the quantity of oil you are pouring in. Do not overfill. There is a dipstick that marks the adequate quantity of oil for the snowblower. Fill the oil port as per the dipstick markings.
  6. Re-plug And Check for Leaks – After reinstalling the cap, plug the wire and start the machine. Let the engine run for several minutes as you pay close attention to the drain plug. If you detect no leaks, you are good to go. In case of a leak, turn the machine off and tighten the drain plug. Restart and recheck for leaks.

While Sno Tek Snowblower requires an oil change at regular intervals, the first change is required much sooner than the rest of the intervals.

This is because of tiny peaks in a new engine cylinder. As a new engine is set to work, the rapid movement of the piston files off these peaks.

Consequently, small metallic bits and pieces fall off and mix with the oil. As a result, the oil gets contaminated quickly.

Once the cylinder is smoothed off, such metallic pieces stop mixing with the oil. Thus, you can carry out the next oil changes after longer intervals.

Tek Snow Blower

Sno Tek Snow Blower is as powerful as it is easy to use. The model is built such that it is straightforward to maintain. Sno Tek snow blower reviews are mostly positive.

Their user manuals are simple to comprehend as well. All snow blowers typically require an oil change after about 10 hours of performance.

This might vary by some degree as per specific models. Make sure to read the manual thoroughly to carry out oil changes as needed for the machine’s optimal operation.

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