No space? No problem. If you’ve always wanted to try your hand in gardening, the good news is that you don’t need to have a big space to be able to do so. By working with what you already have and providing the right care for the plants you choose to cultivate, you can have your own mini oasis of greens.

Setting up a garden in your tiny city home isn’t just about the savings you’ll get from growing your own food. It’s also about bringing life, color, and positivity into your space just by having a few plants around. What’s more, it’d be nice to come home after a long day at the office and be greeted by the beautiful, healthy garden you’ve put a lot of time and effort into.

It might seem impossible, but active gardening can still be done even if you live in the city. You can accomplish that by trying any of these ideas:

1. Join A Community Garden

As its name suggests, a community garden is one that you’ll share with other residents within your area. It’s situated on a piece of land that everyone who signed up can easily access, and all the members have to do their part in cultivating the plants. Given that the project involves group effort, the crops that are harvested periodically from the community garden will also be divided among the participants.

A community garden is a good idea for city folks who may not necessarily have a backyard to have their own garden. By joining one, you can enjoy the farm-to-table experience when the time comes for you to get your share of the harvest.

2. Utilize Wooden Pallets

Say, for instance, that you have a terrace or balcony in your apartment. You can maximize the sunlight and air in the area by installing a vertical garden. This you can do by placing a wooden pallet upright on the railing. Think of that wooden pallet as a raised garden bed. But instead of the usual space-consuming option, you’ll have one that takes up minimal floor space instead.

3. Do Indoor Farming

Early summer planting in urban garden.

There are certain plants, such as herbs, that don’t require a lot of space and soil to grow. So if you have a small city home or apartment, you may be able to start an indoor garden, a terrarium, or a hydroponic farm.

It’s as easy as starting your own garden in small pots, which you can place on your kitchen windowsill or a similar area. With indoor farming, you’ll be able to harvest an amount that‘ll perhaps be enough for your family, and the crops can be herbs, spices, or vegetables that don’t need too much space to grow.

4. Grow Plants In A Shoe Organizer

This has to do with those hanging shoe organizers you can find almost anywhere, even online. Apart from their main purpose of storing footwear, they can also be used to create a vertical garden. Each slot allocated for a shoe can be filled with soil. This is perfect for herbs and smaller plants that can thrive in a limited space.

5. Opt For Potted Plants

If garden beds on your terrace aren’t an option, a good alternative is to have potted plants instead. You can line the perimeter of your balcony with them, or if your apartment has a shared roof deck, you can ask permission from the landlord to place a few potted plants up there. Should there be no outdoor space available, you can always get indoor potted plants.

Another good thing about potted plants is that they’re easy to maintain and move around. If you feel the need to rotate your plants once in a while to give more sunlight to some of them, you can easily move any of the pots by the balcony or a window that gets a lot of sun.

6. Use Crates As Raised Garden Beds

Wine crates or even plastic crates make great garden beds. This particular idea would work well for those of you who have a terrace or balcony you aren’t utilizing for any other purpose. So if you have extra square footage or horizontal space, you can choose this option for your garden.

Just like pots, crates are easy to move from one place to another when needed. They also help you keep your tiny garden organized.

7. Raise Succulents

Your home garden doesn’t need to have only vegetables. If you’re really pressed for space and you just want to have plants in your home, you can’t go wrong with small succulents. These are ideal for those who are raising plants for the first time because succulents are practically effortless to care for. They’re also suitable for individuals who wish to have a garden but have busy lifestyles that inhibit them from spending a lot of time looking after other types of plants.


City living doesn’t have to mean being surrounded by nothing but concrete. With a few tricks here and there, you can create your own garden in spite of the limited space you may have at home. Of course, you can’t expect to have as many crops as those living in large rural areas. But by following the tips above, you may still be able to harvest enough herbs and vegetables for your entire family to enjoy.


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