Double-hung windows: What you need to know


No doubt, innovations can lead to new window features and styles. Regardless of this, double-hung windows are still a great option for most homeowners. These windows usually have a perch at the top that has little to do with their appearance. There is a chance that you can get similar designs, materials, features, and colors across window styles.

The functionality of double-hung windows makes them a popular option. The good news is you can ask your contractor for double hung window cost before you decide to install them. This article discusses double-hung windows and everything you need to know.

A double-hung window explained

Double-hung windows often have two sashes that you can use to open to get fresh air. You should note that the bottom sash can rise so that you can receive air from outside.

On the other hand, the top sash lowers to pull out air from the ceiling. These sashes can slide past one another within the frame. And, you can open both of them at the same time so that you may have better air circulation in your house.

The good thing about this design is that there is an increased airflow. It’s worth mentioning that there is a difference between single-hung and double-hung windows. A double-hung window has a second operable sash that can provide various benefits, such as an increased airflow.

You can choose to ventilate any room in your home with a single double-hung window. But opening both sashes a little can send warm air out from your house and bring in the cool breeze.

Also, you can control the airflow when you open each sash less or more to get your comfort zone. This can help if you desire to ventilate warm air upstairs in two-story houses.

You can easily clean your windows from the outside. With many other styles, you have to find a ladder to assist you to clean the exterior part of your window. Double-hung windows have sashes that you can tilt in, making it quicker and easier to clean the entire window.

Size and design options

Double-hung windows are customized, making them quite popular with many homeowners. They usually have a large selection of sizes that can range between 24 by 24 inches and 48 by 72 inches. In most cases, the standard size is 2 by 2 feet.

Standard sizes often make it simpler to get a window on the market to fit your house. In most cases, they are more affordable than an oddly-shaped window or a custom-sized window.

They also allow you to create unique window combinations from different-sized double-hung windows. Alternatively, you can add transoms and adjacent windows that have special shapes, such as half circles and small rectangles.

Once you start searching for window replacement, there is a chance that you may have some double-hung windows that provide the flexibility and functionality to fit any room in your house. With the number of variations, sizes, and other features, you cannot find a standard window that looks like a double-hung window.

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