7 Things to Consider Before Buying an Upholstered Bed

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Upholstered beds are fabric-covered headboard beds with tufts, buttons, and grommets for texture. They are very popular, comfortable, and easy to add softness or color patches in a room.

They complete the area and add value with their fabric, footboards, and platform to compliment the space scheme. They are available in various sizes and cloths, from linen to Velvet, in the market.

You may refer to our guide for convenient shopping. Considering the battle between wood versus upholstered beds, upholstered ones offer customization on a budget.


Conventional headboards are about 40-44″ high. However, for your upholstered bed, you can opt for a taller headboard of about 54″ – 60″ to support lots of pillows. Measure the distance from the floor to the top of the mattress.

Additionally, measure the height from your waist to the top of your head for analyzing the suitable elevation for your upholstered beds. However, you can reduce its depth considerably in the children’s bedroom.

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The fabric should blend with the style of your room and yet remain easy to maintain. A textured fabric appears clean for a longer time, while microfiber fabrics and leathers are sturdy and easy to clean. Though linen boosts up a contemporary look, Velvet adds to the luxury. Below are some fabric types with their pros and cons for you to consider for your upholstery.

Natural Fabrics

Famous natural fabrics are cotton and linen. Though they have a tight weave, they absorb stains quickly. Natural fabrics get damaged with sunlight and moisture, and hence, are difficult to maintain.

However, they have various colors and good microbial properties to suit skin. Cleaning them is relatively easy using a vacuum cleaner. However, you may consider blotting for fresh stains.

Synthetic Fibers

Synthetic fibers include polyester and chenille that add softness plus cushioning to your upholstered bed. Though they resist fading and are more durable and sturdier, they may absorb oily stains and create static electricity.


Made by combining nylon, cotton, and silk fibers, Velvet adds luxury with its soft texture. Velvet feels more comfortable and relaxing because of its thick weave, and you may consider it for your upholstered bed.


Though leather is costly, it imparts a bold and professional appearance to your upholstery. With easy maintenance and a fabric that does not absorb smells, leather headboards age beautifully with time. However, they are not resistant to scratches and, not many color choices are available in the market.


2. A tufted upholstered bed_Altman Billiards

You can use a button, grid, or panel tufting for detailing out your upholstered bed. Though tufting adds style, it requires frequent cleaning and vacuuming. Alternatively, you can use nontraditional geometric designs using nail heads. Moreover, if you are using platform beds, consider using bed risers to maximize the space underneath.

Pet-Friendly Materials

If you have furry friends, claw attacks and nail scratches are common. Textured fabrics will help you hide the wear and tear while remaining classical. Though leather is easy to maintain and wipe, it tears down under nails. Hence, it is not suitable for your upholstery.

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Complimenting Your Space

For a contemporary yet minimum design look, choose a bed design with linear lines and a low footboard to make the room bigger. Consider using bold colors to create a style statement and find ways to add bed storage for a modern look.

Sleigh-type designs with a soft, neutral color palette create a classical ambiance and, you may couple it with a buttoned headboard. You may consider tufting or buttoning detail with a winged back upholstered bed to create a medieval age look.


Consider shades of grey to go with the sync and style of your home furnishings or for natural ones to be versatile and color-oriented. You can choose between pinks, blues, and greens for a pop effect, but these are more tricky.


Consider the size and shape of your room before buying an upholstered bed because if the room is big, the headboard appears mall, or if the room is tiny, the headboard appears overpowering. Notice the mounting of your headboard and, for rented spaces, find one that bolts to the bed frame.


Buying an upholstered bed is a complete plus for comfort and style. Apart from various considerations before bed purchase, an upholstered one requires vacuuming with soft brushes afterward. Budget is another crucial factor for buying, and you can opt to buy during the sale season for a friendly pocket.

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